Review for Full Of Holes.

Full Of Holes.

(#) microwavedhamster202 2011-04-12

^You're in a band? What do ya play? I want to play guitar in a rock band when I get out of school. I actually have a white electric named Frankie (Who would've guessed?)

I live in Southern California. I've actually forgotten the month before because the weather's basically the same year round. X] If you like sun, you'll like it here. I'm sure you're aware of that though...

Author's response

Yup,it's called the Synth Militia.I play guitar and synthesizers.I have three guitars:Georgie,Metalhead and Japanese Dentist.
Yeah..I'm weird.
Cool!Can't wait for the sun meself...but I'll probabbly be as pasty skinned as ever.XD