Review for I'm Not O-Fucking-Kay

I'm Not O-Fucking-Kay

(#) andreajp 2011-04-12

Man I wasn`t even close at guessing what Gerard was (but thanks to you I will always have an image of Gerard in a black tutu). I can`t wait for him to tell Michelle what he really is so I can find out how and why. Lookinf forward to the next one!

Author's response

Lol. (Interesting... XD)
In his little "dream" it explains everything. He got hit by a bus/truck(forgot what I put there) sacrificing himself for his little brother. Coming out of the hospital the nurses said he didn't have the paulse, so they'd keep an eye on him. A couple months later while he was in that therapy state, his birthday came and he blew out some candles, wings grew and that's when he had to explain to his family what's going on.
Still trying to think of why specificly, but I'm going to say it's because of his Bisexualness because it sucks for us homosexuals when christians and other religious people reject us for our sexual orientation.