Review for The Only One For Me(?)

The Only One For Me(?)

(#) rainbow_apocalypse 2011-04-14

am 15 and i stared wearing when i was 12/13 and my mum and dad still yell at me.sorry to hear about your mum it a bit like that with my dad
but i love you wrighting god you 13 wow you wright so well can i have a cookie :D as you have like 3 jars lol keep updataing please love you story x

Author's response

I'm sorry about your dad then. I know that I can't expect my mom to change. For a while I was all depressed and I even cut twice (well, i didn't use a knife or razors but I guess thats the wost part. I used my own fingers, I dug two little spots 'til it bled.), but then I found My Chem. I haven't cut once since. I haven't even tried. They saved me. I'm doing much better know and I'm in a happier place. (LoL I sound like some sicko, "in a happier place." that makes me sound like I passed away)

BTW I meant to say I'm doing much better now, not know.

And ofcourse you get a cookie! Thank you for the kindness.