Review for Forever Alone

Forever Alone

(#) FlyingSmoke 2011-04-14

Wow... You put feelings of mine into words. I mean... Wow. Deep poetry, (none of that light, pixie shit) like this, is just evoking, and letitng you into the world that most people assume doesn't exist with anybody. But here you are, pounding out your words into a work of art, angsty and dramatic and real. Thank you.

Good luck in Australia, and stay strong.

Author's response

Thank you sooo much! I don't normally write poetry but I think I will got back into it. I cry myself to sleep most nights knowing that I dont want to move and lose everything I have here even though I have at most 2 friends. I will have to stay strong and keep writing so thank you for encouraging me!
Rhianna xx :o)