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Forever Alone

by Rhiannabear 2 reviews

I wrote this yesterday because I’m going through a lot. I have been told that we are moving to Australia and we could be leaving before this school year ends. I really don’t want to go but here...

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When ever I get upset or angry, I put my pen to paper and let the ink do it's work. So see what you think. :) hope you like it! I cried after reading it over and obviously when I wrote it.
Rhianna xx :o)

Forever Alone
I wish I had my old life back,
The one where I’m not sad.
For when I see my ugly reflection,
I’m everything but glad.
I forever think I’m going to cry,
And most than not I do.
But when I’m found crying on my own,
They all think I have an issue.
I always feel at my best,
Whenever I’m on my own.
And even when the dark night falls,
I feel so very alone.
I always want to scream and cry,
Until I have no tears.
To form and fall from my weeping eyes,
Along with all my memories and fears.
Sometimes I want to break the flesh,
Of my wrist and see the bone.
But I resist with all my heart and soul,
Even though I’ll never be known.
I need to find some reason to stay,
Or get a sign from up above.
That I should not take my life,
Instead, stay with the ones I love.
Stay with the ones I love, you say,
Even though I’m not loved in return.
At least it’s better to have loved and lost,
Than to let my heart burn.
And as I end my poem,
With tear falling from my cheek.
I know now that I’m not alone,
And my heart is not so weak.
With these final words I speak,
I speak with half a tone.
If you feel like me in any way,
You know now, you’re not alone.

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Rhianna xx :o)
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