Review for HEYY I'M BACK :D


(#) PatrickIsTheSex 2011-04-15

YAY YOUR BACK! Now gimmie my geegee back I missed him soooooooooooooooooooooo much D: so did frankie xD oh, we missed you too. Bitch, I fucking hate you. Anyway, I updated my story xD yesterday haha go on msn Saturday at 7 pls xD I miss youuuu D: I had a fight aswell D: not with beth though. I love you really Chazom, you're truly amazing tbh. I love you xD
femalegee :D

Author's response

YAY I AM xD hehe chazom is back oh yesss
yes you can have him now :( i get frankie now though lol
dont hate me awww :( and cool i will read tonight i will try though my mom has got us some horrors to watch cuz the laptop didnt work when camping
anywayyyyyyyyyyy awwww thank youu thats so sweet your more amazing femalegeee hehe love you tooo :)
choawwi chaz
chazom is out XD