Review for The Only One For Me(?)

The Only One For Me(?)

(#) perfectzombie 2011-04-21

OMG I haven't read this story in ages, but it's still amazing! PLEASE update soon, and does Alex know that Gerards gay?? Is that why she's asking? O: SHE CANT LIKE GEE BECAUSE THATS NOT FAIR TO MIKEY! :'( but anyway, i think it's a great idea what your doing with the "happy week" or whatever its called thing :P

Author's response

Oh thank you! I definitly am going to try to get another chapter out this weekend. Sorry about how long I've been going between chapters, I've been getting grounded a lot (even when I do everything her way, my mom finds something wrong with it) so I have to wake up really, really early to type (normally around 1 AM) otherwise my mom threatens to call the police because I "refuse to comply.". And all I'll say about Alex is she's scary perceptive but sometimes chooses to ignore her instincts. cough "Mikey" cough
And thank ypu for supporting it, I was thinking I'd get posts saying "Emo f@g, get a life, or better go kill yourself. Go rot in hell." Why I thought people would say that, I don't know. I'm fine with haters though. People can hate me all they want. Sorry, I digress. Any way I'm very glad to have your support and feel free to spread the word as you see fit. :) Have an amazing week! Love you!