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Thank yous are in the chapter. Yes in this chapter I ramble on a bit but please read the notes and I'd like to say sorry in advance for spelling errors.

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Thank you Nicnivin, rainbow apocalypse, Broken Feathers, Lizeh, PatrickIsTheSex, emocutter91, ladyofangst, xxMloewxx, shortygirl, AgentKilljoy, AnotherKnifeInMyHands, ilovefrankieieroxx, and hatefulromantix! Hey guys, sorry it took me so long to post. I decided to have this be the last chapter for Mikey and Alex in this story. But for all you people who like the Mikey and Alex relationship, I might start writing their relationship as a seperate story, if you guys are intrested (plus it will have bits and pieces of Frerard action and other stuff that goes with this story.) And I have two new stories I'd love you to check out: #1.) Survival Instincts, #2) Love Me. I think you'll like 'em, so please be a dear and check those out. (Especially Survival Instincts, I love how I have it going so far (I have two more chapters of it written in my notebook, I just have to upload them), and so far zero reviews and zero rates. I think with the amount of reviews I get on my other stories and this on that I got spoiled.) So if you want to, check it out, if not, that's your buisness. Mikey's POV and it picks up where the last one left off. 'Kay sorry about the fact I'm babbling, I love all you and I want all of you to be happy and healthy (as corny as that sounds). Love you and enjoy the chapter!

I watched her as she gradually swayed forward and backward, watching the ground. she looked deep in thought. She looked up at me with a question in her hypnotizing eyes.
"Hey Mikes?" she asked softly.
"Yeah?" I asked entranced.
"Is Gerard single?" she gently asked. It was as if she stabbed a knife through my heart. I tried to keep my composure as my heart was ripped to shreds. Her eyes looked so innocent it was hard to believe that she had really just destroyed me.
"Yes. Why?" I asked sounding oddly formal and a bit off kilter, but how could it not when my world had been turned upside down. I never knew three little words could make me ache so much.
"Ummm, well..." she replied looking extremely uncomfortable. She was blushing uncontrolably. I nervously swallowed the lump in my throat.
"Do you...have...a thing for him?" I asked, blushing as bright as her. She then went a deeper shade of pink as I waited for her to confirm my worst fears.
"Umm, no-I mean like him just not-I'm not saying he isn't sexy, 'cause he is-just...Why? Does he have a thing for me?" she said, trying to explain her and my brother's relationship as she stumbled over words.
"Well, he never really got over you. But lately it seems like he has a crush or something because...I don't know, it just does." I said wondering if things were really as devastatingly horrible as I thought. I was used to her calling Gerard sexy. I envied him. When ever something about Alex finding some one attractive, it was almost alway Gerard and Frankie. She always gave them a bunch of attention. She often refered to me as 'cute' and 'sweet', but only once hase she called me sexy. It often left me wondering 'If I dyed my hair black...' or 'If I was a couple shades paler...'. She stopped blushing and seemed to be trying to figure something out.
"Are you sure he's...?" she asked uncertain. This was starting to get a little wierd.
"Umm, yeah, sure." I could tell I had confusion and 'WTF?' written all over my face.
"Well, he never mentioned dating someone and I haven't seen him with any one." I said unsure what else Alex would have been asking about.
"And you are accepting of Gerard and would stand by him no matter what, right?" she asked looking concerned. What is she talking about?
"Alex, hun, what's going on?" I asked confused. "He didn't get someone pregnant, right?" I asked, thinking I might be a soon to be uncle. Alex clamped her hand firmly over her mouth but soon she couldn't take it any more. She burst out laughing.
"That would be hard." she said non-sensically. "Why would you...?" she asked still laughing at the idea of Gerard had knocked up some girl. I blushed.
"Well how am I supposed to know? And what do you mean?" she just laughed at my confusion.
"I think Gee needs to hear this." she laughed as she pulled out her phone to text him. "Oh $h*t."
"We're an hour late to the sleep over." She was right. We were exactly an hour late. We grabbed the reminders of our coffee's and raced to the car and soon were speeding a long the road to her house to pick up her stuff, then we drove back to my house.

Did you like it? Was it worth the wait? Do know what, I'm in just a strange type ofmood right now, not a bad strange, just strange, and want to ask some thing personal of you. Okay, well first I want to share that as some of you know, not too long ago my life was a wreck and was pretty effed up (it's still is effed up, but now it's a different kind of effed up). I used to cut and for a very long time I was suicidal. I haven't cut once since I'd listened to my first My Chemical Romance song and I am now a much happier person (I'm not just telling you BS either). I used to only pull through the week because I promised my little brother that I'd see him on Wednesday. My goal in telling you guys this is to get you to try something with me. I want to have this week be a safe week ffor everyone. I know you can't really decide to be happy for the week just 'cause but I want you guys to promise me something. I want to ask that this week, who ever you are, wherever you are, you won't cut. That this week you won't pull the trigger or jump no matter how bad it gets. Spread the word, as many people as possible. If you are suicidal or if you cut feel free to vent to me. If you used to be suicidal I want you to share what got you out of your hard times. I know I'm asking a lot I just want all you guys to be happy and love your selves (yes, I sound like a corny movie). Feel free to send this to your friends or postit on Facebook or YouTube. Go ahead and make it as big a deal as you want to. Maybe even make a video or post something on the internet. I know that cutting or puking your guts up can be hard to stop and sometimes seems like a great idea, but it's only a temperary solution and then you're back to square one. Hurting yourself doesn't fix it, trust me. 'Kay have a great week! I love you all and don't forget it.
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