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Don't Get Too Excited/I'm Sorry

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Hey people. I failed you. I promised a chapter and my mom's a bitch and I couldn't get the other half typed up on a little lap top, but I think that that chapter is great so far so I feel I can't just scrap it. I'd like to assure all of you that I am working on this and am trying, and I'm really sorry. I do however have news. This story has at least two more chapters left. Okay? I know, I know, how could you ever survive without this story (By the way, I meant that sarcastically), but dear children, you'll find a way. Any way, like I'd said if anyone is intrested in the whole writting the Mikey and Alex relationship as another story, that will also include continuations of this story. So far I think it will be mostly humorous with some drama. 'Cause could you really live with out my dramatic, sarcastic, humor? So if you're intrested, tell me, because as much as I hate it I'm not psychic (well...that's highly debatable but you get what I'm saying). I have a question too. What is the absolute worst thing about me? I want the most painfully honest answers you can dish out. Be absolutely cruel, but please keep it truthful. Don't be shy, throw it at me! Oh and I'd like to say happy belated Easter to those who believe in that stuff, if you don't juust happy belated Sunday or whatever special day you celebrate! And does anyone know what genius thought rabits lay eggs? I have no clue where they got that from. Well, I kind of do but it's too awkward to explain. I guess I'm on a rant now. Are you enjoying it? Ahhhh, I am so strange. Wow...By the way I officially give you to stop reading this as soon as you get bored 'cause I can be boring as hell. Any way, I hope none of you are too upset, and ummm, I don't know. I'm thinking by typing right now so I have no clue what I'm doing. OMG I don't celebrate Easter but my parents made Easter into a big deal. My mom went insane and shoved my younger brother and knocked him to the ground. He hit his head and I felt bad. I was with my grandma a little over the weekend and we went to this dollar store that was going out of buisness and they had masks so automatatically I thought 'AWESOME! KILLJOY MASKS!!' so my grandma was nice enough to buy me these feathered masks so I could rip the feathers off and paint them (with acrylic paint that my grandma bought me). Then I got these Danger Days shirts for Easter, one from my mom and then an hour later from my grandma (who bought me killjoy masks which I plan on wearing to school today) and then my grandma had also gotten another MCR shirt, and it ended up being one I'd already bought for myself. Oh and I got a home made tatoo of a guitar with stars around it and "Frankie!" written under it (at my grandma's house) on the back of my neck. It was done by my little sisters (ages 2 and 11), my stepmom, and my dad. So yeah, my mom hasn't seen it and I'm glad. So anyone have a crazier Easter than me? I want to hear about it! And if any of you have Mikey's, Frank's, or Gerard's phone number, please send it to me. And how is everyone's self-harm free week going? Anyone stuggling? If you want to vent, I'm here for you. Don't be afraid to open up, I don't judge. Really, honestly, I want to help. If there's anything I can do for any of you, I'd love to know. So like I said before, don't be shy. We're all one big messed up My Chemical Romance family. If you spread the word, I wanna know how. If it's a video send my a link, if it's on Facebook or MySpace tell me how to find it. If you actually read all this I hope you liked it 'cause now this is Annabel signing off. I'm hoping to get lots of comments on this. By the way, please make sure I can tell which questions you're answering. I want to hear something from EVERYONE! 'Kay so long and I hope you're enjoying my other stories!
From your favorite candy-coated demon. Hugs and kisses! Lots of cookies for all!
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