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I opened my eyes. I saw an angel. MY angel. I loved the way that sounds. I savored the moment, watching the sunlight dance across his face. I kissed his forehead gently. I took my lips away, and slowly opened my eyes, just in time to see his beautiful eyes flutter open. I couldn't help but smile.
"Gerard." Frank whispered softly to me. He smiled.
"Frank." I replied quietly, carressing his gorgeous, pale face. He brought his soft, warm lips up to mine, and gave me a sweet, slow kiss. "I love you." I said as we parted.
"I love you too." he replied softly, and there was nothing more important to me than those little words. They hung in the air beautifully as we laid in our own private heaven. "You're having people over in an hour and you aren't even there." he said grinning.
"I'm sure I'll handle that later." I said grinning back.
"Gerard, you're such a bad, bad boy." Frank said smirking sexily.
"Oh baby, you haven't seen the half of it."
"I think I'd like seeing, very, very much." he said circling his arms around me, our lips met and I sighed into his mouth, he licked my bottom lip as if to ask permission. I silently answered yes. His toungue danced around in my mouth, exploring every crevice of it. I let out a small moan, enjoying the sensation and drowning in the pleasure. I explored his delicious mouth, loving every taste, every feeling. I felt a burning need for breath. I broke away, gasping.
"And you think I'm naughty." I said grinning. "By the way, I hope you enjoyed the preview." I said winking.
"Honey, we've got to get to your house. I'll make coffee." he said cheerfully. He got out of bed and pulled a t-shirt out of the closet and a pair of jeans out of the dresser. He grabbed a pair of boxers and a pair of socks and then turned to me. "Gee-bear, I love you to death, but I think I'd like to save my body as a surprise for later if you don't mind." I blushed and averted my eyes even though I was oh so tempted to peak.
"Frankie, you're such a tease."
"I know." he said, I could tell he was smiling. "You can look now." I looked up and Frankie was as gorgeus as ever. "Gee, I'll be making coffee, come down when you're ready."
About a half hour later we were in the car driving towards my house and in fifteen minutes we were there. Frank helped me clean up the house a little and soon the door bell rang, Hayden had arrived and was soon sitting next to me on the couch while we all watched Children of the Corn. Later I heard the door bell, I went to the door as Frank continues to sip coffee on the couch, the clock said Mikes was an hour late, which made me wonder what they were doing. Oh my god, maybe they realized they were perfect for each other and finally got together. Ha ha haha. No way, that wouldn't happen in a million years. Mikes is too shy for his own good. Poor Mikes.
"Hey kids, what were you two up to?" I asked raising an eyebrow.
"Drinking coffee, how'd your sleepover with Frank go?" Alex asked. I felt myself blush. There was knowing in her eyes. It chilled me to the bone. Alex was like a sister to me, okay maybe not a sister, but she's still one of my best friends, what if she doesn't approve? I don't think she would disapprove, but what if she's mad I never told her? Why didn't I tell her? I then realized that be now everyone was watching, waiting for an answer.
"Fantastic." I said forcing a smile. "Umm Alex, can I talk with you? Alone?" I asked quietly gesturing for her to go down stairs into my room (aka the basement). Once we were safely down stairs with the door shut and we were out of ear shot, I sat down on the bed with her. "What's going on?" I asked casually.
"Well, your brother's been having some serious mood swings, which is cute but makes me a bit concerned. Two of my best friends were having a sleepover and unlike every sleepover you two had since third grade, I wasn't invited. Plus the two of you are keeping secerets from me! I completely understand why I wasn't invited and have no problem with you two wanting to hang out without me, but to think that you're keeping me out of the loop? That means war, Honey." She was angry. Very angery. Why didn't I tell her in the first place?
"Alex, how much do you know?" I asked sadly.
"I'm not dumb, Gerard. I know you and Frank are a bit more then friends. I've known you liked him since seventh grade. All that time and you still haven't told me." She really knew all this time? And she never said anything? She looked genuinely hurt.
"Well, I really care about Frank. I-I love him." I'd never told anyone other then Frank that I love him. I told Kimberly that I liked Frank because I had to, but I didn't tell her I loved him. "Alex, Frank is the love of my life and I want to be with him forever." It felt good to tell her. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you it's just...I don't know. I should have told you along time ago. I know you're not a homophobe, but I was worried that you wouldn't approve." She gave me a big hug.
"If you're happy, I'm happy Gee. But you better not hurt Frankie. If you do I'll snap you in half like a twig. And visa versa, I don't care if you don't want me to bother him about it or he doesn't want me to bother you about it. "
"Thanks Alex." I said relieved. I let myself enjoy her familiar, friendly embrace. After a while she let go of me.
"What about Mikey?" she asked.
"What?" I replied, thoroughly confused.
"What, about, Mikey?" she repeated slowly.
"What about him?"
"Are you going to tell him? Eventually he's gonna find out. Wouldn't you rather tell him then have him find out on his own?" Oh God, she's right. I mentally slapped myself for not thinking of that.
"Thanks Alex. You're a life saver!" I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.
"Which flavor?" she said smirking.
"Oh you know what I mean." I replied. "FRANK! COULD YOU COME DOWN HERE?" I screamed up the steps. A minute later he was on the bed, reclining next to Alex who was playing with his jet black hair.
"What's up?" he asked curious.
"Guess who knows?" he pointed at Alex. "Yep." I was glad Frank knew what I was talking about.
"Alex hun, we love you. We just love each other too." Frank said to Alex lightly. He is so godd@mn sexy.
"Awww, Frank I'll survive." she said. They ended their playful banter with a hug.
"Guess what Alex thought of?" Frank shrugged knowing with Alex, anything was possible."Mikey." It dawned on Frank that we hadn't told him. "So do you want to tell him we're officially dating?" A smile spread across Frank's face. I couldn't help it. I kissed him briefly, as to not freak out Alex, but I wished I could tear his clothes off and we could get naughty. When we parted, I opened my eyes and saw Alex was smiling ear to ear.
"You two are soo cute together!" she exclaimed. "You make a perfect couple!" We called Mikey down and explained to a very surprised younger brother that Frank and I were together now. He congradulated us and luckily he wasn't upset.
The rest of the night was spent watching corny old horror movies and eating Skittles of all kinds (Original, sour, Crazy Core, fizzy, tropical, wild berry, ect.). Frank fell asleep in my arms on the couch, Alex fell asleep in Mikey's arms on the other couch, and Hayden I have no clue about because he was only starting to calm down from the Red Bull after Mikey fell asleep holding Alex, and I fell asleep holding Frank.
Sorry it took me so long to post! If it wasn't for my dad and my friend Leah, this wouldn't be up for a week though. I love you guys! Hope you're all feeling absolutely fantastic! Don't forget, I'm here for you and if you want to talk or vent I'd love to here from you. Once again, I love you!
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