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The Mikey and Alex Story: A Note

by annabel-lee 2 reviews

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Yes, I rated this note R purely for the fun of it. I named my Mikey and Alex story, "I Brought You My Love" and I just posted the preview/intro/first chapter. I hope you like it and that you find Mikey's pet unicorn. It's missing! His name is Sparkles, it's pronouced with a brittish accent and without his horn he's as tall as Ray with his Fro. He's lilac with sparkly hooves and his mane is black and blond (because Sparkles loves Frerards and wanted the same black bangs and blond sides look Frank used to have) and his tail is rainbow colored. He may be accompanied by a peacock named Marvin who's almost as tall as Frankie. Sparkles is claustaphobis so please don't crowd him. Mikey is still upset about Sparkles, so look for him please! Who knows what sort of things people might do to a unicorn now a days?
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