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Yeah yeah yeah. I know what you're thinking. "Seriously?!? another stupid author's note?! Annabel, you're soo boring! Get over yourself and write another chapter already!" Yes I know, none of you want another author's note, but I think you'll like this one. I was going to try to start writing the next chapter now, but I'm at school and everyone can see what I'm typing and there's a kid directly behind me who's probably reading this right now (or maybe I'm just paranoid) plus I have no way of saving this so most likely you'd get a partial chapter. What I want to know is if I should write about the next day or not. Basically, in the story the sleepover was on Saturday so the next day would be Sunday. I'm not sure what they'd do on a Sunday, but I have a feeling it would have something to do with coffee, Red Bull and I don't know...A prank war? That sounds fun. I just don't want to write a boring chapter just for the sake of explaining what happened the next day. If you guys want to read it then

Okay guys and gals, I was writing what you were just reading when I decided, I'll just take my chances and try and make it worth your time. I also decided to say if you feel like skipping this chapter because you feel like it go ahead. This most likely will be a partial chapter so...yeah. Any way, ENJOY!

I opened my eyes and was greeted by a blinding light. It burned my eyes and I shut them again, enjoying being in Mikey's warm, comfortable embrace. I let myself ignore the fact that the world is full of pain and misery for the moment and let myself be content. When I was with the Way brothers and Frank and Hayden, the world could be a cheerful place. I thought back to last night. Skittles and movies and happiness. I smiled. Mikey was asleep and I couldn't hear anyone moving so I have to assume everyone except me was asleep. I probably fell asleep around 4 AM and I usually wake up before then so that explains why I woke up so late. I wanted to know the time, but didn't want to open my eyes. The way he was holding me I couldn't move much so I snuggled up closer to him.

well that was short the bell just rang. G2G will fix this later. Alex's POV
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