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Part 2

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Continues where the last left off. once again I'm typing at school, so most likely partial chapter. By the way my mom grounded me. No computer, so less updates. :( sorry. She might change her mind but... well, she's kind of crazy. Don't worry, I'm not going I'm not the whole Mikey and Alex thing. Enjoy!

Mikey was cutting off my blood circulation. Luckily, ten minutes later, his eyes fluttered open and he rolled off my arm.
"Good morning Beautiful." he whispered. I could tell I was blushing.
"Morning Mikes." He gave me a little kiss on my forehead and got up off the couch. "I hope I didn't wake you up."
"No, you didn't." he said smiling. "Coffee?" I nodded.
"Yes please!"
"Are you psychic?"
"Maybe." he replied, grinning.
"Uggghhhh, did someone say coffee?" a drowsy Gerard groaned as the smell of coffee awakened him.
"When'd I fall asleep?" I asked Gerard as he sat up carefully trying not to wake up Frank.
"Ummmm...I dunno, four? five?"
"Who fell asleep first? Frank?"
"Mmmmm...Yeah? What time is it? Do I smell coffee?" Frank said rubbing his head.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up." I apologized to the him as he rubbed his eyes.
"No problem." Frank said as he sat up.
"Yeah, he fell asleep, then you, then Mikey, and I think Hayden was last...Where is he?" Gerard wondered aloud. I looked around. I couldn't see him.
"Hayden?" I called. No answer. I shrugged. Frank and I started looking for him while Gerard and Mikey kept making breakfasts for everyone. The bathroom light was on. I knocked on the door. "Hayden? Are you in there?" I asked. No answer. I opened the door slowly. I heard a quiet snoring. I motioned for Frank to come in quietly. I peaked behind the floral shower curtain and there, surrounded by empty cans of Red Bull, lay Hayden in his black jeans and Blood on the Dance Floor T-shirt.
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