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My hands shook nervously as I pressed the door bell. I heard it chime and tried to stop my foot from tapping 'Play it cool.' I thought to myself. I heard running and someone jumping down the last four steps. Alex. I couldn't help but smile. I heard her knock on the door from the other side.
"Who is it?" I called out to her.
"It's...Jehovah's Witnesses! I was sent to spread the good news because Jesus loves you!" I couldn't help but laugh a little. How she can joke around and look and sound completely serious I'd love to know.
"Oh, well in that case come on in!" I opened the door and revealed her breathtaking figure standing behind the door with an excited grin. Her eyes were hypnotizing. As always, they were lined and smudged to perfection with red. She only used a little and it wasn't smeared all the way to her cheeks, it went just a little below the lash line. She had perfect pale skin, it was flawless. I saw those flawless cheeks turn a delicate pink and I noticed I'd been staring, mouth open for the last forty seconds. I felt my face heat up and I knew it was going scarlet. I looked down, hoping to hide it a little. I heard her giggle.
"Mikes, it's fine. Don't stress about it." I looked up to see her smiling in a friendly way. It wasn't real flirtatious which reminded me that we were just friends. I smiled sheepishly at her.
"You look amazing, Alex." I complimented.
"Mikey, how your single is a mystery." she said making me smile.
"Well, with my charm and good looks..." I said sarcastically as I walked towards the car with her close behind. She spun me around to face her and she was at most a couple inches away from me. She looked me dead in the eye, a serious expression on that beautiful face of hers.
"Both qualities you posess and exhibit with ease, and don't ever forget it." her voice became a whisper as I slowly leaned in. Her eyes closed and so did mine as I felt her lips touch mine lightly. Even though I knew that to her it was a friendly gesture, I melted into it and felt myself relax. I let myself pretend it was real because that's what I desprately wanted it to be.
She ended it, taking her soft lips gently away. I opened my eyes to see her in front of me, eyes closed, lips pursed as if she could still feel the kiss, like she was savoring the feeling. Her eyes opened slowly and she looked startled to see me watching her. I backed away a couple steps. I always worry that I'll be more into the kiss then her and she'll realize it. To see her so peaceful and blissed out was amazing. She blushed a little bit and I knew I was blushing too.
"Sorry, just looked so peaceful." I said apolejectically.
"Why wouldn't I be?" she asked softly. "I've always enjoyed your kisses. There's something in them...inocence maybe?" she said thoughtfully, a most as if to herself. She smiled and blushed. After a minute of silence, I knew I had to say something.
"Do you want some coffee?" I suggested. She grinned, changing back to her normal self.
"I'd love that."
We got in the car and she rode shotgun. She sat and seat belted herself then leaned up against me. My heart pace quickened. I looked over and reallized the way she's leaned up against me I can see straight down her shirt. I realized it a minute too late though, and I already saw. I yanked my gaze away, trying to get the wonderful picture out of my head because I can't afford to get too turned on right now. I knew she would hate it if she knew I'd seen down her shirt. It wasn't even that low cut! Why did I have to be like that? I felt guilty and like a perv. She looked up towards me and gently stroked my arm, thoughts raced through my head of her stroking other parts of me. Stop it Mikey! Get a hold of yourself!
"Mikes, are you okay? You seem tense."
"Uhh, yeah...I'm uh, fine." I smiled weakly.
"Are you sure? Your muscles seem a bit tight." she said concerned, looking at my neck. The only thing getting tight was my pants. I tried reminding myself that we're friends. Not dating. Not engaged. Not married. Only friends.
"Yeah, I'm fine." I said struggling to keep my thoughts in check. By the time we parked my erection had gone down. Thank god. I opened the car door and the Starbucks door and I payed for coffee (even though Alex insisted that she could pay for the two of us). We went outside and luckily it wasn't too cold. We walked as we drank and laughed at each others jokes even though I'm not really half as funny as she is. We walked to the park and sat down on the swings.
to be continued!
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