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Elephants?-Ch. 24

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My family helped inspire this one. Gee's point of view!

After Frankie had finally seemed to calm down a little, we started to talk. We didn't really talk about anything specific, then he asked me about my memory. I blushed and looked down. My hair created a sheild infront of me.
"Gerard, it's okay you can tell me." He wrapped his arms around me lovingly and concerned. I felt myself calm a little, my muscles relax. I didn't want to move. I didn't want it to end, ever. I wanted to be right here, in his arms with him loving me forever. I couldn't bare the thought of him pulling away, so I did even though it was killing me to let go.
"Frankie, you know I love you more than anything, right?" I looked up from the ground and into his eyes. He wrapped me up in another hug.
"Ofcourse I do! Gee, I love you more than life itself and there is nothing you could say or do to change that." We stayed like that a while, just enjoying being close, savoring every second.
"Do you really want to know what I don't remember?" I asked hesitantly, still hugging him.
"Yes." He said solemnly.
"Our fight." He let go and his eyes went sad, his expression fell. Pain shot throughmy body from rejection, I knew that this might happen, I just... I felt cold. Deep within within my core. I felt a single, warm tear escape my eye. I let it roll slowly down my face, leaving a moist trail down my face. The silence in the room grew, seperating us. I knew I had to say something or we wouldn't be able to get back to each other again. "And elephants." I added. I honestly didn't remrmber what they looked like. I knew what they were but I couldn't picture one to save my life.
It seemed to lift the sorrow off his face and he laughed for a second.
"Elephants?" I nodded. He whipped his phone out of his pocket and checked the time. "It should still be open." he mumbled to himself.
"What should still be open?" I asked cluelessly.
"You'll see." he replied with a mischievous grin. "Come on." He started walking down the stairs then towards the garage. We loaded into his car after Frank told his mom we were leving. Frank blind folded me and turned on a Misfits CD. I could tell he was speeding. His neighborhood was about a 30 MPH area and we were going at least 40.
"FRANK SLOW DOWN!" I shouted to him. I heard him laughing hard and turn up the music. After fifteen minutes my curiosity got the better of me. I slowly, carefully pulled the bandana away a tad.
"NO PEAKING!" Frank screamed at me.
"Okay, okay." The bandana was once again in place restricting all sight. I felt him slam on the brakes, making my scream.
"God, calm down Gee."
"Easy for you to say." He made a sharp turn to the left and the all of a sudden stopped.
"We're here!" he sang out cheerfully. I reached up to take off the bandanna. "No! Gee! It's a surprise!" So I left the bandanna on. Frankie led me around for fifteen minutes and I was starting to feel the suspense. People kept bumping into me and I could hear people all arond me.
"Frankie where are we?"
"It's a surprise." I could hear the smile in his voice. Two minutes went by. The bandana was ripped away and I was blinded by the light for a second. My eyes adjusted and I eas surrounded by people and penguins. Penguins??!?
"I'm at the Zoo!" I said smiling ear to ear. I turned around and gave Frankie a big hug.
"Come on we have to find the elephants!" He said excitedly bouncing up and down. We raced through the crowd trying not to trip on little kids. We saw a huge sign that read 'Elephants'. Frank hopped up and down pointing, then darted off into the crowd towards the sign. I raced after him and caught up with him at the enclosures fence. There was a sign saying 'Exihibit closed'. "$h*t!" he cursed when he saw the sign.
"The zoo will be closing in two minutes." a voice said over the speaker. Frank's grin returned. He grabbed my hand and ran to the back of the enclosure with me in tow. He jumped over a rope with an 'Employees only' sign hanging.
"Frank, what are you doing?" He put his finger to his mouth as a gesture for silence. He walked up to the elephant house's door and opened it, peaking inside. He gave me a thumbs up and I followed him in.
Inside, it smelled like $h*t and there were two huge elephants who looked terrified to find us barging in.
"Wow." I said in awe at the creature's size and the intelligence in their eyes. Like a little kid I reached my hand out and approached them, mesmerized. They stirred nervously and I should have backned away but I kept walking. Soon I was only two feet away. I got a little closer and touched one's wrinkled skin. It was firm, but was somehow a little bit soft too. It was amazing.
"Be careful Gee." Frankie said concerned as he inched closer. He came up next to me and hesitantly felt the rough skin."Wow." he said in awe. I turned to him and smiled, then gave hin a passionate kiss.
"Thank you." I said to him when we ended the kiss. His eyes sparkled.
"I love you." he said.
"I love you too." and with that we said good bye to the elephants and headed home. When we got back it was late, we went to Frankie's room and got in bed and went to sleep.

Yep, nothing really dirty but I realized how I'm gonna end the story. Sad right? Well don't worry, I'm not ending it here. Have a great day people! Love you!
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