Review for The Only One For Me(?)

The Only One For Me(?)

(#) Lizzeh 2011-04-21

thank you for the thank you xD a really great chapter, SLEEPOVER!!!

i love the be happy week idea. i used to cut. i dont even know why. i was rather fucked up. well this week i shall be happy (: THANK YOU!! xxxxxxx

Author's response

No problem, I'm glad this week will be happy. I'm glad your in a better state of mind (OMG I sound like a therapist, I don't mean to. I think I've just been watching too many corny old horror movies). Yeah, when I did cut it was just basically when I hurt to much to know what to do. I don't even remember exactly what had happened to make me hurt so bad, I just remember wanting to bleed. I didn't want to stop until it bled too. I still personally believe life is pointless, I just don't think that it's a bad thing anymore. I just decided to have fun with life. I never really tried alcohol or pills or anything, I just wanted to hurt on the outside like I did on the inside. I honestly don't remember it hurting at all, I didn't think it felt good or anything, I just didn't feel. But afterward I remember it stinging,and wearing long sleeves until a cut healed sucked too. I guess I'm getting a little too gruesome, sorry. I guess I didn't have one reason either. I just kind of couldn't hide the pain any more. I'm happy I only ended up with two scars and neither is too noticable but I'll always know why their there. I'll always know it was because of me, but I think it's a good reminder that I've made it through. I'm glad your story is past tense and I hope you have an absolutely fantasic week! Spread the word, and remember as creepy as it sounds, I love you! And yes, there is sleepover stuff on the way. YAY!