Review for Don't Stop If I Fall And Don't Look Back

Don't Stop If I Fall And Don't Look Back

(#) annabel-lee 2011-04-28

Yay! Gerard's on the road to recovery and seems to be doing great, but if it was stress from the tour, wouldn't his terror's come back? Please update soon! And yeah, kinda like emocutter91, for some reason I've had some rather violent dreams. I don't have them as bad as Gee, but the other day I hadone with people chewing razor blades and another where I got beaten really bad (like bloody and broken bones bad) and I had one wherea person cut my arm open with a glass shard.

Author's response

wow you have scary dreams !! but dreams can't hurt you (except in Nightmare on Elm Street, love that film). Thankies for the review.