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Stop And Stare At The Accidents And Stars That Bore You

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''Yeah, i'm sick of Hospital beds and damn IV's being stuck in my hand''

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Filler chapter really, but i feel i owe an update to my dear reviewers. i have noticed that recently no one bothers to rate stories except me... weird huh??

Mikey POV

Road to recovery for Gerard was a long one. He was pretty weak when he was found, he looked like he hadn't eaten in months. If you looked at photos of him before this all started, you wouldn't even recognize him. But for us his band mates, best friends it wasn't his now even paler skin or the tubes that fed blood into his body... no it was that sparkle that was missing from his hazel eyes. That glint of childishness that would possess Gee to do crazy things and come up with insane idea's. His eyes were now dull and lifeless. He was falling apart...again.

Why was it always like this? It hadn't been this way since my brother was on drugs, depressed and suicidal. He deserved to be happy. He needed us more than ever now.

Lyn-z had visited the lots. She almost never left his side, whether he was asleep or awake (he slept a lot of the day away in his hospital bed). I knew they had spoken and i had a inkling Gee had opened up to her, maybe told her how bad his dreams had effected him emotionally. To my knowledge the dreams had stopped. Gerard had promised us to tell us if anything like this happened again so that we could help him, so surely he would confine in Ray, Frank or I if the dreams came back. Right?

After 2 weeks of sleeping in hard uncomfortable hospital chairs and drinking bitter caffetteria coffee, we could go home. Gerard's health had improved drastically this last week. More color in cheeks, he was gaining back some of the lost weight, his constant coughing had subsided to a slight grunt now and then. Still no night terrors i hoped. We had been told they were probably a byproduct of stress from the tour. Now all Gee had to do was take it easy for a few weeks.

''Stoked to go home bro?'' Alicia and i were helping Gee pack his things before he was discharged later today. The guys had flown back home to prepare the house for our return. Lyn-z had decided that since Gerard had been down for so long we should surprise him when he got home.

''Yeah, i'm sick of Hospital beds and damn IV's being stuck in my hand'' he said jokingly rubbing his hand with mock pain.

''Maybe it wouldn't hurt so much if you didn't pick at it and i wouldn't have to keep slapping your hand away'' Alicia interjected throwing some clothes into a bag.

We continued laughing as we left the hospital room and filed into the reception to wait for the doctor with the discharge papers. Gerard looked so much healthier, his face literally lit up. Things were finally looking better for everyone.. especially my brother .

Sorry for the short chapter. Its sleepy time now!!
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