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I'm The One That You Loathe

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''Mikey...Fans..Crazy...Gee..Ripped my shirt''

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So sorry i haven't updated in forever PLEASE DON'T HATE ME. Thankies for the reviews :) I love you all very much.

Franks POV

i woke startled, to the door being flung open and slamming into the wall. What a nice wake up call. I saw Gerard's eyes flicker open as he blinked his way into consciousness. His expression was one of confusion and bewilderment. He probably didn't remember where he was. His face lit up as his eyes traveled to the door, he smiled that famous crooked smile i hadn't seen in so long.

''Mikey!'' He squealed obviously delighted.

''Gee, your okay!!'' Mikey ran over to his brother and pulled him into a fierce hug. I stood back, moved by their brotherly affection. All questions and anger was forgotten for the moment.

After a few minutes locked in a tight embrace, Mikey held Gee at arms length and took in his appearance. He looked as shocked as i did when i first saw him. I had burst into tears at first glance. He had pale skin almost to the point where it was tinged a sickly green, His eyes had dark angry circles fixed under them, his hair was ragged and greasy. But worse of all, he was just so skinny...i could see his ribs through the hospital gown. I quickly wiped the tears out of my eyes so i could observe Gerard's answers to the impending questions that be would be bombarded with.

''Gee...'' Mikey whispered softly. Before be could continue Gerard began to sob silent tears and tremble violently.

''Gerard why?'' i questioned putting my arm around our distraught singer. We all wanted to know what had been going through our friends head when he just got up and left. Had his nightmares been fucking with his head, driving him to the point of insanity?? Why would he hide his problems? Last time he did that... i'm not even going to go there.

Suddenly Ray rushed into the room out of breath and closed the door.
''Mikey...Fans..Crazy...Gee..Ripped my shirt'' Ray allowed himself to breathe obviously unaware of the tension in the room. I looked at Rays 'Sing For Japan' tee and sure enough it had been torn to shreds by bloodthirsty fan girls. I started uncontrollably laughing at our guitarist's misfortune, completely forgetting how tense the atmosphere had been before. I heard Gee let out that girlish giggle and Mikey began to chuckle. Soon we were all in hysterics. It felt good to laugh finally, but we still had a awkward conversation to have.

''So where's everyone else'' Mikey asked still trying to recover from his laughing fit.

''A nearby hotel, we couldn't get past the masses of fans that caught wind that Gerard Way was at this hospital'' Ray took a seat on the side of Gee's bed. ''How you feeling man?''

I noted Gerard began fiddle with his IV drip ''Tired mostly, my head still hurts'' his voice was a mere whisper.

I decided it was time for answers, ''So Gee, ermm ... why did you runaway?''

Gerard's POV

I felt my chest tighten. I knew the question would come soon enough, but how could i explain without sounding delusional? My band mates looked at me expectantly.

''Well, you know i kept having these d-dreams and they were more like nightmares. Um they were about me and i was in a dark r-room there w-was blood everywhere and i was h-holding the k-knife and well er i was killing you, my friends, my p-parents and my family...'' i was in tears now, looking down to avoid their horrified gazes. I must have sounded crazy, would probably be kicked out of the band.

I felt a pair of arms pull me into a hug. Franks.

''Gee, i had no idea'' he held me tighter. I could see Mikey out of the corner of my eye, i had never seen him go so pale. Ray looked at me to continue since i still hadn't answered the question.

''I kinda stopped sleeping because i was so scared of the dreams, it was like they controlled me. I guess i wasn't thinking straight.'' Mikes nodded at me to continue. ''I thought if i left the night terrors would stay behind... b-but they d-din't'' i felt myself begin to shake as i tried to remember my reasoning for leaving. ''I didn't want the band to suffer because of me'' i choked out.

Frank stared at me in disbelief. Mikey's jaw hit the ground. Ray looked like someone slapped him.

''You idiot, Gee we're your best friends, your family. You can tell us anything, we want to help. We can suffer this with you because look what happens when you try and face it on your own'' Ray gestured to the hospital bed.

I looked down sheepishly. ''I'm sorry i put you through that'' i murmured.

''You better call Lyns as well'' Frank sighed '' She's been worried''

I have never felt more guilty in my life.

Sorry if its not that good, damn you writers block (shakes fist) R&R and you get a cookie from the fro man!!!

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