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Cause The Emergency Room Got No Vacancy

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Thanks for the reviews :) they keep me writing and Thank you to my killjoy friend who gave me some ideas for this chapter (i was totally stuck) The story continues .....

Gerard's POV


What the hell?!! I was in a world of darkness and my only company was the sound of obnoxious beeping. My chest ached and My skull pounded leaving me unable to think straight. Where was i? and what the fuck happened?

I attempted to open one eye, only to immediately close it due to the harsh light. I was wracking my brains trying to figure out where i was, all this wondering made my head hurt even more so. I managed to half open both my eyes. I was greeted with a white wall and a blood bag. Crap i hate hospitals and their many needles. As if on cue i noticed the huge needle that had been stabbed into my arm. I felt my heart begin to beat faster and faster.


The machines i was hooked up to seemed detect my now erratic pulse. I tried to take slow deep breaths but failed and just began to cough again, my lungs burned with the renewed pain.

I turned to my left trying to take my mind off the giant needle sticking out of my skin only to see a distressed Frank. My little panic attack seemed to have woken him up.

''Gee, shush...calm down please you'll make yourself sick again'' his eyes were full of concern as he began tracing circles onto my arms. I suddenly felt a lot safer and my breathing slowed.

''There...shhh...c'mon Gee'' Frankie whispered into my ear in a obvious attempt to get me to relax (my phobia of needles is well known to everyone). Frank didn't look a lot better than me. His eyes were red and puffy with dark rings, and his hair was a tangled mess. This was all my fault, i had scared him by running away and now he would despise me. I hoped Mikey didn't hate me or Lyn-z for that matter, i would be at a complete loss without them all.

I was tired once again despite having woken up not even a minute ago. I lay back into my pillow and Frank began humming softly too me.

''Frank what happened? where's Mikey?'' i questioned wearily as i fought to stay awake.

''shhhh... just sleep Gee .... just sleep'' Frank cooed to me gently ''Mikey's on his way here, you have to rest now''.

I nodded reluctantly. Defeated as i let sleep take over me. Watching as the drugs slowly dripped into my broken body.

Franks POV

I watched as Gee drifted off to sleep, he looked so peaceful. I quietly left the room and pulled out my phone in the corridor.

''Hey Mikey you almost here?''

''Yeah, how is he?'' Wow Mikey sounded beat, i had managed to sleep for a little while after all Gee's tests came back but was awoken by his heart monitor going crazy.

''The doctors said he had a abscess on his lung which they removed, it was causing him to cough up blood. His immune system's pretty weak, he has a chest infection and a slight case of pneumonia.'' i sighed recalling what the doctor had told me earlier. '' He should be okay but has to stay in hospital for the next few weeks or so, he's lost a lot of blood''.

I heard Mikey exhale in relief. ''Is he awake? When can i see him? D-Does he hate me?'' his voice quivered.

''He was awake briefly, i think he freaked out when he saw his iv'' i laughed dryly. ''He needs a lot of rest to recover, and don't worry Mikey he doesn't hate you in fact he was asking for you. Now how soon can you get here?''

''I'm about half an hour away. Lyn-z, Ray and Alicia said would be there as soon as they can''

''Kay, bye Mikes'' I hung up and checked the time. 2:04am, damn all that worrying and not to mention crying had worn me out.

I returned to Gee's room and let myself fall into a restless sleep.

Too tired to write anymore (Yawns). R&R and thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to read chapter um 10.

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