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Someone Out There Loves You

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''Goddammit Frank spit it out'' I was openly sobbing in sheer frustration.

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Gerard's POV

I opened my eyes weakly. My vision was hazy and i felt like death, i probably looked it too, being nothing but skin and bones. That had been my first night without dreams for almost 3 weeks, but still those horrific images plagued my thoughts. I was suddenly very aware that i was in a unfamiliar room. White walls with a little window, coffee table, television and a china cabinet . I was lying on a lumpy faded grey couch (not that i could complain i had slept on rocks for the past week ). Memories of yesterday (could have been longer, i was totally out of it) came flooding back. The Cemetery. Pain. Falling. Blood. Darkness...

I took this opportunity to sit up. I groaned in pain. Where was i? I panicked. Had i been kidnapped by an obsessed fan girl? Why was i in different clothes? Where was Mikey? Where was my brother? I began to hyperventilate and that tight feeling returned too my chest along with a burning sensation in my lungs. I hacked up a little blood onto my clean top. ''Calm down'' i whispered to myself, freaking out was just causing me more suffering.

''Hey dude you alright?'' a tallish man maybe in his late 40's entered without me noticing. His Face was plastered with concern.

''Y-Yeah, i'm okay'' i spluttered in between coughs. This mystery man passed me a glass of water which i gratefully accepted. The cooling water was refreshing after being parched for so long.

''I'm Paul'' he said extending his hand. We shook.

''Gerard'' was all a could manage before i was sent into another fit of coughing and gasping for air.

After i recovered with another glass of water, Paul who seemed genuinely nice ( and oblivious to my celebrity status) went on to explain where he found me.
''I was walking over to my truck parked way over the other side of the graveyard and i saw you slumped against a tomb stone. First i thought you were just sitting there but then i realized you were covered in blood and unconscious. I picked you up and carried you to my truck. I thought waking up in a hospital might be a bit overwhelming so i brought you back to my home and waited for you to wake up. You've been out cold for 3 days and we should get you checked over'' He concluded.
'' Well thank you for saving me'' i mumbled with effort as that feeling of exhaustion washed over my body and i erupted in coughs.

''You've got a fever, i'm gonna get you too a hospital'' Paul stated feeling my forehead and pushing back my crimson hair. I nodded and he left the room to fetch a towel as a large amount of the blood i coughed up was splattered over my hands in red blotches. I felt myself begin to sweat uncontrollably as my body temperature rose, yet i still was shivering. I snatched a pen from the table beside me and scribbled down Franks number on my arm. They had to know i was okay.

I began to fade in and out and my hearing became fuzzy. Paul's voice was distant when he ran back into the room and discarded the towel when he saw me. I felt arms wrap me in a blanket and lift my shaking body from the chair. I couldn't comprehend what he was saying as i struggled to keep my eyes open. I was conscience i was in his truck as he placed me gently in the passenger seat. I could feel my mind slipping and my vision tunnel, and i there was fresh blood on my hands and face. Take me away....

Mikey's POV

My hopeless thoughts of me never finding Gee were interrupted by the vibrating of my phone. It had been four days since i left and i had received a tip off that he was 10 miles south from where his things were found but i was beginning to run out of hope all together. He probably already dead.

I reached for my phone that was tucked away in the glove compartment of my car. I wasn't expecting good news.
''hello?'' i answered reluctantly.

''Mikey, its Frank'' he sounded scared. This definitely wasn't good news. ''Some guy just called about Gee''

''Whats happened! Frank please''

''Somebody found him... but they said he was throwing up blood a-and...'' I could hear him holding back tears.

''Goddammit Frank spit it out'' I was openly sobbing in sheer frustration.

''Mikes...he might not make it....''

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