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The Scarecrows That Fuel This Flame

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''SURPRISE !!!''

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Okay i had 'Demolition Lovers' in my head all day so i took it as a sign that i should update. Thank you to my devoted little reviewers, you don't know how much it means to me to know people are still reading.

Gerard's POV

It felt so good to be out of the hospital. Just saying the word hospital sends shivers down my spine. The sterilized white rooms, the cold hard beds, the needles. Nope nothing i like about hospitals. It was a long journey back to LA, well least it seemed like it. I kept drifting in and out of sleep. The doctors mentioned something about my body needing to catch up on rest and regaining strength so that meant i would be prone to falling a sleep a lot. According to Mikes i passed out on him in mid conversation. But overall i was feeling better than i had in a long time. I was happier and felt a lot less stressed, probably because a certain disturbing dream hadn't been troubling me recently. Apparently the pressure of touring had been the cause of my nightmare. I didn't fully believe that, it had to have some deeper meaning, why would i dream something so unsettling(to say the least)? I had been on a lot more stressful tours. The Black Parade tour had been our biggest yet at the time. Our manager Brian made frequent check ups on us to make sure we were keeping our heads above water. I had had no problems like that before. I just hoped they were gone for good.

I swear on the car ride back Mikey and Alicia kept passing secretive glances. We were almost home sweet home when i saw Mikey wink at his wife, now i knew something was going on. We pulled into the drive way and my house seemed awfully quiet. I could see Mikey suppressing a grin out of the corner of my eye. I gave him a questioning look but this just made it harder for him to keep a straight face, since it was obvious i hadn't quite cottoned on to what was happening. I was eager to see my beautiful daughter, it had been months since i had seen her smiling face. I hoped she still remember me, i was still abnormally pale and skinny since my trip to the hospital probably a whole different person in her eyes.

I was first out of the car and raced to the front door, i could hear Alicia giggling at my enthusiasm. Who could blame me? The door as i suspected was unlocked and i quickly flung it open.

''SURPRISE !!!'' My hall was filled with familiar faces all screaming the same word.

''Welcome home baby'' Lyn-z chorused, pouncing on me and embracing me in a bone crushing hug.

''Lyns, you did this?! babe you didn't have to do anything for me'' i was astounded my wife would go through all this trouble after everything i put my family through. I felt my eyes fill with tears.

''It was no work at all, i just called everyone in the address book and asked if they wanted to come over for a little party''

''And to bring booze'' Frank commented, holding a six pack in one hand and balancing Lily and Cherry in the other.

The next 3 hours consisted of chatting to old friends and my band mates, laughing at past drunken antic's and the crazy shit that went on while on tour. I had a little time to spend with Bandit before she had a nap, thankfully she was ecstatic to see me.
''Dadda!'' she cried happily as i entered her room. Like nothing had changed in the time i had been gone. Untrue of course, i was so much weaker as a person emotionally. Tormented one might say.

As the party began to die down, people started to leave. Soon after my parents and Most of my friends left i proceeded to crash on the couch. I had been up on my feet talking and socializing for a good part of the day, and i had just got out of the hospital after 2 weeks. I wasn't used to it and consequently didn't have much energy left.

''Hey you enjoy today Gee?'' Mikey said from the kitchen clearing up beer cans. He and Alicia had insisted on staying here for a few days while i was on 'runaway watch'. I understood. I wouldn't trust me either. Plus Lyn-z would be on tour with MSI soon and taking B with her. I guess Mikey was just worried i would fall back into my old ways or whatever.

''Yeah, it was awesome catching up with every one. Thanks Mikes'' I grinned weakly.

''You okay?'' My brother came over and began picking up litter from the lounge.

''Fine bro, i guess the party just took a lot out of me'' i twisted my thin body into the lying position. ''i might go to sleep for a bit, that okay?'' my eyes were already half closed.

''Yeah you should get some sleep, i need to call Jamia and tell her she left Frank behind'' Mikey chuckled gesturing to our rhythm guitarist playing my Portal 2 game, eyes glued to the screen. I watched them argue for a minute or two before my eye lids became too heavy to keep open . A oddly familiar feeling of tiredness washed over me. My friends voices began to get further and further away. Then nothing....

This took me so long to write. My laptop is being a spazz at the mo. R&R ya know or not, its your life
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