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Dark and out of Harm

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''Its all in your head Gee''

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Shit, i'm so sorry i haven't updated in forever. I've had like a million things at school and my laptop is a piece of fucking crap so it's hard to find the time. I had another story up here but 'fuckwad' went and deleted it >:(

Gerard's POV

It wasn't like all the other times. The walls were freakishly white, like someone had come in and obsessively cleaned them to perfection. There was no door, no windows, nothing. That was what scared me the most. No escape...

''So back again are we?'' a loud voice asked, seemingly from my head since there was no one else in this sufficatingly small room.

''W-Who..W-Where..but'' My words came out in a garbled mess.

''I'm right here, its all in your head'' the voice whispered eerily. Shit. What does that mean? Who is this guy? Why am i dreaming about a voice?

''Pfff, i though you were smart Gee really figure it out, its all in your head'' I spun around in confusion, only to see more white walls. The menacing voice seemed to be everywhere, just getting louder.

''W-Where are you?'' I was surprised at how weak and scared my voice sounded.

''I've said it once and I'll say it again. IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD!'' The voice sounded angrier than i had heard it before. And familiar too.

''Why are you here'' I cried out, desperate for answers.

''To help you with your little problem'' I felt a tugging sensation from my heart, lightly at first getting stronger and stronger. I yelped in pain. Before me stood a doppleganger of myself, well not exactly myself. His face was deathly pale, contrasting against long filthy raven colored hair that almost fell over his eyes. Those eyes. They were black..soulless..lifeless. He looked all in all terrible, like he was sleep deprived or just stoned. I realized at that moment it was me, back when i was drunk 24/7 and hooked on just about every drug. It hurt to look at him (or was it me...God i'm so confused)

''Y-Your me'' I was stumbling over my speech now.

''I'm a better version of you Gee, what you once were.'' He gave a twisted smile.

''What do you mean?''

''Do I have to SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU!!'' His pure black eyes grew red with anger. I was thrown to the floor by a invisible force. A sickening crack echoed off the four walls.

''I'm here to help you out'' He grinned sweetly. He was some how completely calm again. This guy was completely unpredictable, and that scared me to no end.

''How do you mean help'' i said cautiously, hoping not to anger him again.

''Your not happy Gerard, you know that deep down. No amount of fame, friends or your precious 'family' can make you as happy as you once were when you were me''

''What!? Thats wrong, YOUR WRONG! I was never happy back then'' I spat. I was frustrated as hell, this didn't make any sense.

''Really, i'm wrong? Gerard i'm you, so you know i'm right. How can you be happy with that whore of a wife?''

''Don't go there'' I gritted my teeth.

''And why are you still friends with that pot head Iero? He only stays because he pities you.''


''Your brother doesn't care about you. Your just a nuisance. He has to clean up after you because he's your brother. Bound by blood.''

He smirked at my growing rage. I was visibly shaking now.

''And that ugly offspring of yours.'' He continued ''such a brat.''

That was it. I snapped. No one talks about Bandit like that, nor my wife, my brother, friends. I felt a ball of white hot fury rise in my chest.

''YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT 'BOUT ME!!!'' i lunged myself at his frail body. Only to be knocked back by his surprising strong arm.

''I know everything about you'' he gloated, now towering over me ''I know your greatest fears''

I could feel a sharp pain where i had been struck.
''Then you would know i'm happy'' I gasped.

''please'' he snorted ''you can't even convince yourself anymore'' He bent down, his face in mine, those eyes burning into my soul.

''Any how i was doing you a favor, putting idea's in that fucked up head of yours, trying to make you realize how miserable you really are'' he lightly tapped my forehead.

I was in stunned silence. It was him. But he was me?

''Its all in your head Gee'' he whispered, grazing my cheek with his hand.

I opened my mouth to say something, anything. He reached into my pocket and pulled out something long sharp and angular. That blade. He dangled it in front of my grasp playfully. I watched the glinting knife sway back and forth in front of my eyes, like a hypnotist's watch. That was before i saw him plunge it into my shoulder. And twist.

''Oops'' he grinned manically.

The pain was like someone was tearing up my insides. It hurt to breath, every time my lungs gasped for precious oxygen, a stabbing sensation shot through my hole body.

He leaned into me ''All in your head'' his voice whispered as he proceeded to run his tongue up and down my slender neck. After finally pulling away, he looked back down on my mangled body lying on the polished floor, now stained with blood.

''Just take a stab at happiness Gee, it'll do you good''

Hope you liked, if not then why are still reading silly person?
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