Review for The Only One For Me(?)

The Only One For Me(?)

(#) Unicorns-are-real 2011-04-29

Tell Mikey that if he wants to get his unicorn back he has to leave pleanty of sugar and candy on his doorstep! I loose my unicorn all the time, he's called Eric and he loves coffee and sugar. All unicorns love sugar! It is their weakness! So try leaving candy out for him and the Sparkles should come running straight back home ;) lol

Update soon!

- Sara xoxo

Author's response

So that's the unicorn that walked into my math class! LoL my teacher freaked! She was droning on and on about quadratic equations then it was all "HOLY SHT! WHAT THE FCK THERE'S A UNICORN IN MY ROOM!" Eric just looked up like "What is wrong with her?!?" and flew out the window. I laughed so hard! Some how he also ate all my teachers candy too without her seeing too! I'll make sure to tell Mikey. I'll set it up tonight!
Annabel xoxoxoxoxo and three buckets of sugar!