Review for Ghost Love Score

Ghost Love Score

(#) i_bleed_neon 2011-04-29

I loved every minute of this. It was playful, hot, sexy, sweet, sad, heartbreaking and so much more all in one chapter. I love Frank's playfulness and the way Gerard went from annoyed to willing because he can't resist Frank's adorableness. The sex was hot, my friend, very hot. The way it started out playful and quickly became intense yet still kept that hint of playfulness was great. The fight between them was intense, very raw and emotional and I feel horrible for both of them. I can understand where both of them are coming from. On one hand it does look bad on Frank's part and like he wanted to take Lindsey's place but I think it's more or less just bad timing on his part or at least I hope. Yet, I can also see where Frank is coming from on the Lindsey issue. I think Gerard needs to realize he may have gone back on his word to Lindsey but she shattered any and all promises she made when she decided to do drugs and turn on her family the way she did. Anyway, great update. :)