Review for Concerning Glenn Beck's view on SING...

Concerning Glenn Beck's view on SING...

(#) Kill_the_mainstream 2011-05-01

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I respect that this is yours, but I disagree. Glenn beck never actually said anything bad about the lyrics or the band, nor did he imply anything negative either! All he said was that it is propaganda. Propaganda is just anything that is meant to try to make you think or believe a certain way. That being said, isn't everything in today's society propaganda? My Chemical Rpmance is my favorite band, so I would be mad too if he had actually dissed the band or the lyrics. I know that he didn't really get the metaphors or the symbolism, but so what? Most adults today don't!
This is just what I believe, and I am entitled to my opinion as much as you are yours. I mean no disrespect to anyone that may believe differently than I do.


Author's response

I respect your opinion too. Not gonna pull a Kanye West here and say 'Yes, but you know... Rihanna had the best video... Blah blah blah"