Review for Concerning Glenn Beck's view on SING...

Concerning Glenn Beck's view on SING...

(#) CoffeeBeanzz 2011-05-02

I totally agree, Glenn Beck was talking through his arse. I mean COME ON PEOPLE, its music. They are not telling us to smash up stuff or mug old people, they are just telling us to be proud of the things that make us unique. People should be entitled to like whatever kind of music they want to like, because it makes them happy, or because they can associate with the emotions the song creates, not because it's 'kool' to like the artist. We should not be told that liking mcr makes us emo or whatever because it doesn't and it pees me off. Rah. And in a society where there's supposedly no discrimination, take a look at the music world. Justin Bieber fans beating up My Chemical Romance fans. It made me so angry. But then I realised, we have to be the bigger people. If they want to bitch about mcr, let them, we will carry on being the happy killjoys, safe in the knowledge that there is a massive MCRmy family out there to support us.
Sorry about that, but I needed to get it off my chest D: :)
Jo xoxo

Author's response

It's good to get it off your chest, don't worry. And Justin Bieber fans are hating on Killjoys? Insane, seeing as we're as sane as it gets