Review for Mikey's Mistake

Mikey's Mistake

(#) annabel-lee 2011-05-04

LoL that was cute! I love how whenever Mikey's sad it starts raining. I have a four year old little brother who absolutely love MCR and I think I'll have to read this to him (I'll have to change the "F*CK RAINBOWS!" part (which, by the way, made me laugh)). I don't think he knows their names though, because her always refers to Gerard as "the pale, tall black haired then red haired, really white skinned people". He's still amazed by how pale Gerard was and now he wants to dye his hair and wants a Danger Days gun. (He's always playing "Killjoys v.s BL/Ind." with me) Oh and because of the line in Na Na Na "Remember when you were a mad man, thought you was Batman, and hit the party with a gas can, kiss me you animal!" whenever he knows I'm coming over (my parents are divoriced), he wears this Batman shirt. He's also developed a love of sci-fi tv shows and black and neon clothes. So yeah, he'll love this. :)