Review for The Only One For Me(?)

The Only One For Me(?)

(#) rockerchick4life 2011-05-04

well my girlfriend ripped my heart out and i now feel nothing and i just feel like there is no point anymore and i keep breaking down in random places and i really dont know what to do and thanks for talking to me it helps to talk to someone who understands how bad life can get ....

Author's response

I know that sometimes feeling numb can be worse than pain. I'd have to say hopeless and numb was the worse feeling I'd ever experienced. I'm sorry about your girlfriend. I remember this one time I found out my boyfriend at the time just was dating me to make this other girl jealous. I felt absolutely destroyed. I was kind of thinking 'Why the f**k would you think that's okay?' but eventually got over it. I just decied he wasn't worth the heart ache. Did you're girlfriend do something or did you two break up? I know people always say time heals all wounds. I don't think it heals them, just sort of changes them. They become more like faint scars, the skin is tougher and the pain is gone. But for heaven's sake, it can't scar if you constantly pick at the scab! basically, I'm not trying to say that everything will get better over night, or that the best way to handle it is to forget. I'm just saying you've got an entire life to live. If someone hurts you the pain is very real, but the longer you're upset, the longer you prolong the pain. I guess I just think of it that way. My theories might not be worth the time it took to type them, but I hope that you feel some sort of enlightenment. If not feel free to tell me I'm crazy and wrong about the whole thing.