Review for Mikey's kid's kid.

Mikey's kid's kid.

(#) annabel-lee 2011-05-14

That was great! The story was sad, but the humor that you randomly threw in kept the atmosphere from getting too grim. If I was in Sarah's place I would've not even wanted an abortion, I would've wanted to keep the baby. My mom would probably react similarly to Alicia and would probably lock me in a closet. My dad would have to come get me. (My parents are already divoriced) My step-mom, dad, and grand-parents would end up taking care of me and I probably would have to keep going to school (I AM thirteen and I need to go to eighth grade if I have any hope of getting into post-secondary). This story made me think a lot. I mean, the story kind of deals mostly with the effects of the pregency, and there's a whole other layer of the story that this doesn't deal with. It has to be hard on Sarah, knowing that she's bringing her attacker's child into the world. From what I've read and seen, there are so many emotions attached to being raped. And 33% of rape victims have suicidal thoughts and 17% attempt suicide. Very serious stuff. Are you going to continue it or is it a one-shot? I REALLY want to know what else happens.

Author's response

I'm finishing it right now :)next chap shouldv deal with more Ray and end it. It will be up tommorow, or the day after :)