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Mikey's kid's kid.

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Sarah gets raped, she's prego and when her father, mikey, wants her to give it up, what happens? Story better than summ.

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Ali looked at her daughter Sarah. “I found your bloody underwear. Why didn’t you tell me you started baby?” Sarah looked up. “Because I didn’t.” Alicia’s face went pale “MIKEY!” Mikey ran down “What?” He asked. Alicia said something to him that Sarah couldn’t hear. His face went pale. “Sarah…why? Who? And Were? Please!” he said commanding. She looked over. “Why? I didn’t even want to! Who? Some guy in a fucking mask! Were? IN THE MOTHER FUCKING WOODS DAD!” She yelled. Her face full of anger.

Alicia was crying and hugged her tight. “My sweet innocent baby! Why didn’t you tell us?” Sarah UN clasped her “because…you wouldn’t look at me the same.” She would whisper. Gerard walked in to see Alicia holding Sarah, Mikey as pale as possible about to pass out. “Ok…what’s wrong?” He asked worriedly.

He led Mikey to sit down, unclasped Alicia who sat by Mikey clinging to her own arms after explaining between sobs. Sarah just sat by herself on the floor looking at Gerard. Sure she was 13, sure she was young, but it happened 2 months ago! She just stood up and brought two beers and 2 cokes in. She threw a coke at Gerard and set the two beers by her parents.
They looked up at her. “You need it, your freaking out more than I did!” she said seriously. They both nodded.

Gerard looked t Sarah “Are you like…ok?” He asked. She nodded. Mikey looked at his older brother. He nodded. “So…no bruises or cuts or anything?” Mikey said. Sarah looked down “I’m late….” She said. Alicia’s eyes went wide. “you said-“ Sarah shook her head “I had to tell you somehow, but I am late, I need a test.” Gerard stood up and grabbed his coke “I’m going to Wal-Mart…I’ll be right back.”

When he got back, he had the test, some sleeping pills, and more beer for Alicia. She only coped when she was trashed. Gerard put them in the fridge but told her “Alicia, don’t go overboard!” He warned. She scowled “Coming from the ex-alcoholic!” Mikey’s jaw dropped. Gerard’s clenched and he snapped back “Yeah EX!” He said. Sarah butted in “Mother just-“ but Alicia had enough “Shut up you slut!” Mikey was furious. Gerard stood with no belief all over his face. Sarah stood up “Mother, I swear-“Alicia butted it again “Of course you do! Everybody we know does!” Sarah had enough. She took her father’s phone. She called the one person she could count on. “Jamia…Yeah she’s doing it again. Ok” She shut the phone.

Alicia was glaring at her. “Did you just call Jamia? Are you crazy? You’re grounded!” Sarah shook her head. “Nope!” Alicia was furious. “What did you just say young lady?” Sarah smiled “YOU’RE GROUNDED!” And knocked her out by punching her. Mikey turned to her “What-“Gerard cut him off. “You, that was, whoa! Nice kid!” Mikey shook his head and picked up Alicia. Alicia stirred and woke up “Danni, Mikey may be home soon.” She said into a very sad Mikey’s face. Mikey gently put her on the couch. His face was emotionless. He reached for her hand. He took the ring off her finger and pocketed it.

He packed half of Sarah’s clothes and stuff into 3-4 boxes. He only grabbed a couple outfits for him and came running down. He put the boxes in Gerard’s car. Gerard shook his head. Sarah got out of the car and walked to her mother. She lent down and looked straight into the women’s face. “I’m sure you’ll be out of the house in 3 weeks. I will find a way to put you up, got it? You’re not my mother, you’re a house hold way of affection. I hope to see you in hell. Alicia, get out before I get back.” Of course it was an empty threat, but she was meaning to scare Alicia to insanity.

The whole drive was miserable. No one spoke a word. Jamia showed up just a couple minutes before they left. Sarah sat with her dad in the back. Gerard drove. Gerard glanced at his brother’s blank face once in awhile. When they got to Gerard’s Sarah helped her dad bring their stuff into the guest room. Bandit (12) welcomed her cousin. She didn’t know what was going on and asked. Sarah shook her head “I’m not sure, let’s, um, give our parents some time and go somewhere.” Bandit nodded. Her green highlights bounced. Sarah nodded. “Let’s go to Wal-Mart, I have 30 bucks!” Bandit smiled. “Ok”

Gerard gave them an extra 20 bucks and they were off. They spent the whole day out. The whole day was awesome until a wave of nausea hit Sarah. She suddenly lost balance and fell down to her knees. Bandit panicked and called the first number she thought of.

Frank was there in 15 minutes. She couldn’t even stand and there was server cramps inside her stomach. She suddenly thought of what it could be and burst into tears. Frank came running and helped her to her feet, just so she fell down. She jumped into hysterics.
“The baby’s dying!” she said out load. Frank was frozen “WHAT?” he yelled. He didn’t know anything. He immediately had Bandit call her father and Mikey to meet at the hospital.

She was in a fit of crying when she was in the car. Bandit was so calm she was scarred. “Bandit.” Sarah said. Bandit turned “Yeah?” Sarah was crying “Hold me please…” Bandit nodded and held her like it was her last seconds on earth. Frank raced to the hospital and surprisingly didn’t get pulled over. Gerard ran through the door the next second with Mikey close behind.

Mikey hugged his daughter and was looking pale. Gerard checked them in and got a wheel chair. Through this Frank held her hand. They laid her down in a hospital room. She looked at Gerard “I want Jamie, and Lyn-z, not Alicia, I want my aunts, please!” She begged. Gerard nodded.

Frank cradled into Gerard he was so scared for his niece. They weren’t technically related but they were very close. Frank was so worried he looked like he would cry. The doctor did tests on Sarah. The doctor walked in. “I have some good and bad news.” Every one was starring. “Good news is the baby is fine.” Everyone started breathing. “Bad news, it is not ok to have an abortion, it would kill the mother.” Mikey looked over. “Adop-“ She cut him off. “NO!” Everybody turned. “I won’t have it- my kid will not be adopted.”

Mikey shook his head “Your 13 Sarah, you can’t have a kid!” Sarah looked at her father. “If you want, I’ll leave.” Bandit looked at Mikey. “I’ll help her. I’ll get a job so we can pay for the child!” Gerard looked at his daughter. “You don’t have any idea how-“ She snapped. “BULLSHIT! MOM GETS WASTED EVERYNIGHT YOUR ON TOUR!” She screeched. Gerard’s eyebrows went up and Lyn-z and Jamia burst through the door. Frank jumped up from Gerard’s arms and into Jamia’s. He whispered what was going on.

She told Lyn-z. Lyn-z got her phone out “Hey Ray…” Everybody said “Shit! Ray!” They forgot about him. Ray was on his way and Jamia had held Frank to the point she was annoyed. She handed him to Lyn-z and started pacing. “Ok, so Sarah doesn’t want to give her kid up.” She said to herself. Frank sighed and cuddled into a ball. Ray walked in. He sat by Sarah “Hey Sweetie, how you holding up?” He said softly. He grabbed her hand and smiled at her. She smiled back. “I’m okay for now.”

Mikey stood up and walked out of the room. Gerard followed. Mikey went to his car. He started it and Gerard got in the other side. “Were we going?” He asked. Mikey mumbled ‘home.’ He called Ray. “Yeah….Me and Gerard aren’t coming home for 3 days.” And he hung up. Then he got on the freeway. “Were are we going?” Gerard said. Mikey turned “You’ll see.”

They spent 2 hours on the road. Mikey wouldn’t talk anymore. He was concentrating on driving. Gerard was so confused how Lyn-z could have an alcohol addiction he didn’t know about. Gerard was furious. Not at Lyn-z, but at himself. He should have been at home, not on the road dancing on stage like a male stripper with a good singing voice.

With them thoughts he thought about Bandit. She was almost 13. Almost. He was only there for a little over half of her life. He was again furious with himself. He wasn’t a good father. He was disgusted with himself. He wasn’t good at this. He had to be there for his daughter. But how? He was on tour for at least 2 months at time. He couldn’t even look at himself in the side mirrors. He finally fell asleep.

Mikey looked over and saw his brother asleep. He must be so worried. Mikey felt horrible about how he was on tour almost 24/7. Leaving his daughter to his insane wife.
He felt like a jerk. He was always running from his problems. Damn….he was a wreck.
At least he was finally here.

Gerard woke up to find the car deserted. He stepped out. He was surrounded by wood and a creek. He instantly realized were Mikey had brought him. It was the park they came to when they were little. It was there last night being a real family. The drive home was horrible. There dad pulled over and got out. There mom took the wheel, and they never saw there father again. They were where Mikey said they were going.

He looked for the tree which said ‘HOME -->’ He followed the arrow and came to the bed of water that didn’t connect to the creek. Then he looked for the marked rock. When he found it it had said ‘ALWAYS -->’ He followed it until he found Mikey, asleep, sitting under a willow tree. He sat by him. Mikey shivered in his sleep. Gerard took his jacket off and put it on his shoulders. He cuddled up to Mikey for warmth and just…comfort.

He woke up to Mikey shacking him. Mikey was starring at him in wonder. “What?” He asked. “You gave me your jacket, but you were shacking all through the night. Thanks Gerard.” He said smiling. Gerard nodded and stood up. He helped Mikey up, and they walked to the car. Mikey got in and hit his head on the steering wheel. “Were did I fuck up Gee? My kid, at 13, is pregnant, wants’ it, and I’m going to dump her mom, I’m not there half the time, and I’m a little bitch who is running with his brother. Were Gerard?” He said starring at his brother. Gerard sighed “You didn’t go wrong little brother, you just grew up to fast. You weren’t ready. It’s not your fault, it’s probably mine. I pushed you into marrying your wife; I told you were ready for anything.” Gerard looked down.

Mikey was silent for most of the ride home, or to the hospital. They stopped for food and coffee. Mikey turned the radio on. They were at the hospital in 20 minutes. When they got there they immediately saw the women sleeping on chairs and Ray had Sarah’s right hand, Frankie on her left side. Frank looked pissed. She pulled them outside by there shirts. “WTH! You just up and leave her and call Ray?! Do you know how fucking worried SHE was? She, the prego 13 year old, was f-ing worried about her UNCLE AND FATHER WHEN THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN FUCKING HERE!” He shouted getting stuff dirty looks’ from nurses. Mikey nodded “I want to go see my daughter.”

When Mikey stepped in the room something just felt…wrong. Suddenly Sarah started twitching and gasping for air. Mikey’s heart stopped for a moment and she shrieked. Ray was jolt awake and hit the EMEGENCY button. Nurses and doctors pushed him out but I wouldn’t allow them to take me out. I just sat there in a chair as the helped her. It was a false alert. Ray ran back in and just sent daggers at Mikey. Mikey stood over his daughter. “Hey baby, you doing ok?” He whispered. She nodded. “Dad, I really want this.” She said. Mikey shook his head “You can’t grow up to fast.” He said. She sent daggers at him “Dad, I need this! If I can’t abort him or her, I can’t put up with adopting.” Mikey scowled “Sarah-“

She was so mad. It was her choice. “NO! I AM NOT FUCKING GIVING IT UP! UNDERSTAND? I’LL FUCKING RUN AWAY WITH BANDIT IF I HAVE TO! I CAN GET OUT OF THIS PLACE IN AN HOUR!” She screamed sending her dad and Ray into shock. Frank walked in and sat by Ray, “Sweetie, I was at the end of the hallway and could here you. Please calm down.” He asked. She nodded but still had a murderous look on her face.

Mikey paced “How will you earn money?” He asked her mockingly. She scowled “Well, Bandit and me could sell ourselves. I mean what a headline huh? Way family daughters turn into hookers at 12 and 13. Shocker huh?” Mikey froze and gaped with horror. Along with the rest of the band. Bandit nodded. Gerard sideway glanced at his daughter

Ray sighed and walked to Sarah’s side. “She keeps the kid.” He stated. Bandit and Lyn-z walk over. “Yes.” They say together. Frank walks over and crosses his arms. Jamia nods and walked over. “Shit.” Mikey and Gerard say together. They glanced over and Mikey nods “Ok….the kid stays.”
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