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It has been a year since that day. Sarah’s child was named Raymond after Ray. Ray had to blink back tears when he found out. He had hugged her and kept whispering thank you.
Ray helped her though everything.

How was she going to do this? She had her whole life ahead of her! But 3 months old, and Ray was as cute as ever. A pest…but cute. He had looked nothing like his mother though. He had bright red hair and blue eyes. She had black hair and Gerard’s eyes. Gerard? She wasn’t Mikey’s kid. She knew she wasn’t, but they didn’t know she knew.

She found herself looking at her baby with…hate. Just pure hate and disappointment.
He was…a…fucking…mistake. She laid him down in his crib and jacked some alcohol.
She was 14 now. 7 years? NO! She drank half of the vodka bottle. She was trashed. She suddenly felt miserable and needed someone to talk to. She found her dad’s phone.
She randomly clicked a number and texted them to come over.

10 minutes later Frank ran through the door. “Mikey?” Mikey wasn’t home. “No! Me!” She giggled and hiccupped. H walked through the door and rushed to the baby. He was asleep. He turned toward her. “Why did you get yourself trashed?” He asked lightly. He knew she was probably stressed. “I-I felt….well…depressed….so I did it and it got worse so I asked you to come over so I wouldn’t do something stupid. I’m not ready to die, and that’s feel right now Frankie!” Frank walked over and held her. She was still a child.

She was sober now. The realization of what happened hit her. Frank let her go and grabbed the baby. He was giggling when Frank walked over. He was grabbing at his long black hair fringe. Frank giggled. He doesn’t laugh. He giggles! It was adorable. “Sarah…you need a break sweetie. I think Ray should stay with me this week, you know for just a couple days.” Sarah nodded and slipped her shoes on. “I haven’t hung out with Bandit for 3 months. It’s time I do something about that!” Frank nodded. He was about to walk out the door when she grabbed his shoulder. “Thanks Frankie.” He smiled. “Right now you’re a kid, so go play!” He said giggling again. Sarah nodded.

She started walking down the street when two girls started following her. She turned around “Can I help you?” She asked. The girls shook there heads. “SLUT! WHORE!” They yelled and pushed her into the ditch. She cried out in pain when her ankle bone snapped.

She was there for hours screaming for help until her throat burned. Then she herd walking. “HELP!” She yelled and the walking stopped. She tried to stand but jolts of pain were sent through her. “Yo, I thinks someone’s in this ditch!” A guy said. “Then let’s find out!” They poked their heads out. Yup, guys. Guys with long black hair and green eyes. She snapped out of it. “I broke my ankle and can’t get out.” She said. The two guys climbed in and helped her out. She instantly fell to the ground when she got out of the ditch.

“So, you’re that girl who had the child right?” She nodded crawling back so they wouldn’t hurt her. “I’m not going to hurt you!” He said. “Mind reader!” She said and they both laughed. The other guy left because he got a call from his dad. “So you know my name, but who are you?” She said. He smiled “My name is Brendon. (NOT URIE)”

He slung her arm over him and helped her walk. She told him where she lived. “Cool, so you’re a way?” He asked flashing his beautiful smile. “Yes, Mikey’s my father though. Well my birth father is Gerard, but they don’t know I know-“He laughed. “I get it.” He smiled again. “So you live here?” He asked looking at the house infront of them. She shook her head “No this is Gerard’s house.” H nodded. She took her key out and unlocked the door. He helped her to one of the couches. Suddenlly a shadow appeared at the doorway. Gerard flicked on the lights. The guy yelped when the light got put on. He shook his head and checked her ankle out. Gerard was angry at her and had no idea what was happening. “Yeah, you defiantly broke it. My mom taught me how to tell, she’s going to college for bone stuff.” He said. Gerard shook his head “Mikey, she’s home, with some guy!?” He yelled and Mikey ran down the stairs. “Were have you’ve been?” He asked. “In a ditch with a broken ankle. I am serious.” He raised his eyebrows “Then who is this.”

Brendon shook both there hands “I’ve always wanted to meet you guys, I just wish it wasn’t under such reasons.” He said they nodded. She told them what happened. “So, It’s turning blue.” Brendon said to himself. “You know what, I’ll go get some stuff for the pain and to set it until tomorrow, then she can go to my mom’s job and get it done professionally. I’ll be right back.” He got up and walked out of the house to go buy some stuff. Sarah watched him walk out the door. Gerard smiled “Awww you got a wittle crush on Brendon!” He teased. She raised her eyebrow “And we all know the only hope for me is for Frankie, not your wife!” She said seriously. “I still can’t figure out why they both haven’t figured it out!” Mikey said sitting by me. Gerard turned red.

“So how was your day?” Sarah asked Gerard. “Well, I got a phone call by Frankie saying you got trashed and he was spending time with both Rays. And then I made a sandwich, and told your dad about the whole being trashed thing, then I ate the sandwich and was on the computer for the rest of the day.” He said with no emotion in his face. Sarah smiled “Was the sandwich good?” She asked. He nodded “Very!!” He replied and smiled.

Mikey sighed “You know you can’t just go and get trashed!” He said seriously. Sarah scoffed “Like it stops Alicia. I just wanted to relax ok?” She said seriously. Gerard nodded “But you have to do it around other adults. The baby doesn’t deserve to just sit there with no parent there ok?” He said. She nodded “I called Frankie.” She said and there was a knock on the door. Gerard opened it. Brendon was standing there bloody, but he still walked to Sarah. He wiped some of the blood on his shirt. “Ok, this is going to sting.” He started wrapping her foot. It stung, but her gaze was on his bloody face.

Mikey had got a wet towel, he handed it to Sarah. Sarah stopped Brendon from wrapping and tilted his head up. She wiped all the blood off his face. He smiled at her and whispered a ‘thank you’. She nodded “What happened?” Gerard asked. He turned to look at him. “I got jumped for being bi. Fucking homophobes.” He said and turned back to me.

He finished wrapping my foot. “Ok, that should work for now. You want me to come over and help you around?” He asked. She nodded and smiled at him. “Thank you, but are those guys still out there?” He nodded “I can’t get around there, the greatest chance I got is my pocket knife.” He muttered.

Sarah was worried, “Then you will stay here, you can have my bed they keep here. I can’t go upstairs so I’m going to stay down here.” Gerard glanced at Mikey. He smiled “Only if it’s okay with the adults staring at us.” He said they blushed and looked at there feet. “He can stay.” Gerard said and glancing at her dad’s hard expression. “Come on, I’ll show you were your sleeping.” Gerard said running up the stairs with Brendon behind him.

Mikey stood there starring at his daughter. “What?” Sarah asked. He sighed “You love him don’t you.” He whispered. She sighed “I feel like I do, but I can’t be sure.” She said back. He nodded. “Listen, don’t do anything Ali- um....Lyn-z would do.” He said. Sarah nodded “I know, how’s Frank doing with Ray.” Mikey smilled “He’s having a blast.” Gerard ran downstairs “Ok ladies light’s off” Mikey scoffed “You know-“ Gerard slapped a hand over his mouth. Mikey licked it “Eww!” Grard said and Mikey laughed. “Night Sarah.” Mikey said kissing his daughters forehead. “Night.” She said and smilled. She laid on the couch thinking.

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