Review for ***AUDITIONS:D***


(#) dancingdragon 2011-05-14

Id like to be Franks Girlfriend :D

name:Jenna Boutilier (last name pronounced boot-ill-ee-ay

age:whatever frankies age is :)

style:either black or white clothes (shes not to big on colours)

favourite place to shop:anywhere where they sell music or art supplies/books.

appearence:black hair and orange/brownish eyes.pale skin and always wears a religous necklace(a.k.a a cross)

likes:going to church,reading,playing piano,drawing and painting,speaking french (her family is french)

dislikes:rascist and sexist people.homophobia and self harm.

personality:very friendly and caring.she only likes drinking wine when it comes to alchohal.

past:as a child grew up in is french.They lived in Quebec (a french province of Canda,thumbs up to you if you knew that :P ) Her family was huge on going to church and she still loves to go to it.She learned piano as a child and still plays.

talents:speaking french (if thats a talent) and playing piano and looking on the brighter side of every situation

anything you dont want your character to do:get pregnant

dying: not on the top of my list,but wouldnt be the end of the world if it happens

smoke/drink:only wine


anything else:nope

Author's response

cool(: i like the religiousness (if thats even a word xD) i love your eye color(: xx