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(#) Syphiel 2011-05-14

who you want to be:really close friend to the band.

name? Matt Lounge

age (will change to 20's...thinking about making this story black parade era)? 23

style? a mixture of punk and hipster

favorite place to shop? the mall in general cause he buys what looks cool.

appearance (the more detail the better!)? He is tall and lanky. He has long black hair that seems to shine blue in the right light. His hair reaches mid back and he normally wears it in a loose ponytail at the nape of his neck. His eyes are crystal blue and very emotional. He tends to wear whatever he thinks looks cool so one day he might wear a tank with an open button down over it and the next be wearing a tour shirt from a band he currently likes.

likes? coffee, movies, and his drums.

dislikes? heights despite his tallness and bugs (he will screech like a little kid when he sees a spider or bee)

personality? very laid back. He just lets things happen and normally finds it funny. Cracks some really stupid jokes just to see other people laugh. he thinks laughter is the best sound around besides his drums.

past (i really dont want a paragraph about how you were abused and ran away or hiding it. too typical. BE CREATIVE AND DIFFERENT. you dont have to have a sad past. or be an outcast.)? He moved to New Jersey at a young age with his parents. An only child he got whatever he wanted. He liked to push it to the limit. The end came when they got him a drum kit. He didn't make friends easily because he is very outspoken. He would always tell people exactly how he felt about something. He learned he loved to hear people laugh so he started doing whatever he could to make people laugh.

any talents: stupid jokes, and playing the drums.

anything you dont want your character to do: be mean to girls

dying? (most likely not gonna happen but idkk just incase) if it is integral to the plot I would understand.

smoke/drink? smokes sometimes. When he gets worried he chain smokes.

play an instrument? (you really dont have to. its not really a major factor)drums

anything else? He is bi but leans more towards guys.

Can't wait for your story. I'm sure it won't suck.

Author's response

cool cool cool:) love it! you have a good chance at being on the cast xD
thanks so much!! xx

cool cool cool:) love it! you have a good chance at being on the cast xD
thanks so much!! xx