Review for ***AUDITIONS:D***


(#) mcr30stm 2011-05-14

Who would you want to be: Frank's sister

Name: Michelle (shell)

Age: 21

Style: Punk/Rock

Favorite place to shop: Hot Topic

Appearance: Long brown curly hair, mood eyes, 5'6

Likes: Animals, singing, playing piano, drawing, traveling, chocolate

Dislikes: Animal abuse, meat, homophibics, being hurt

Personality: Very shy and qiuet, honest, polite, selfless

Past: Unlike Frank I have a srong immune system. I've had one relationship but he liked someone else even more so I was happy for him. I have never been depressed or never thought of self harm. I look up to Frank. I have never been popular nor an outcast.

Talents: I am good at any form of art

Dying: If its my time its my time but I do enjoy life.

Smoke or drink: never have and never will

Instrument: piano