Review for ***AUDITIONS:D***


(#) CosmicCollision 2011-05-14

who you want to be: Bob's GF/fiance, don't matter (:

name? Nolee Minardi

age (will change to 20's...thinking about making this story black parade era)? 23

style? Modern, vintage, edgy. A combo of many really, I'm diverse person :P Skinny jeans always, striped tops, off the shoulder tops, band tees, dresses, skirts, skater shoes, hoodies, rainbow belts, lacey shirts, v necks. Shirts with paint splatters on them. I also don pin up girl style make up and hair :P I tend to wear blue a lot.

favorite place to shop? Tilly's

appearance (the more detail the better!)? black hair down to back with the front ends died neon blue, layered and cropped, straight across bangs, and naturally curly. 5'5, slender, almond shaped brown eyes, long legs, a few beauty marks : one on nose, cheek, and right above my right boob :P Lip ring. A heartagram tattoo on my right wrist.

likes? music, vegetables, movies, coffee, green tea, coke zero, Skittles, cats and puppies, rain, night time, parties, driving, pulling pranks, concerts, art, shopping, watching things blow up or melt, shiny things, lightning storms, snuggling, giving hugs and high fives, singing and dancing. Astrology!

dislikes? rude people, sneaky people, slow walkers, crazy drivers. Hurting myself physically, like getting a paper cut or something. Super high places, rollercoasters, spiders, snakes, sharp objects, mornings. Child, women, and animal abuse. I have zero tolerance for guys who hit girls.

personality? Eccentric, nostalgic, easily bored, hyper, friendly, outgoing, talkative, caring, creative, imaginative, adventurous, perverted, dark humorous. I like to laugh and make people laugh. Strong, proudly feminine, nosy and curious. I enjoy the small things. I like awkward situations :P I'm a good vibe reader as well. I read between the lines and don't sugar coat stuff. I'm straightforward and honest. I'm a Leo, so I'm a little feisty (yes I believe in astrology and it pretty much dictates my life, relationships, etc. Not like a crazy person who carries tarot cards on me, I just carefully choose my choices in life.) When I'm pushed, I'm not a nice person. I've been through some stuff and don't put up with being messed with.

past (i really dont want a paragraph about how you were abused and ran away or hiding it. too typical. BE CREATIVE AND DIFFERENT. you dont have to have a sad past. or be an outcast.)? I'm an only child, my little sister died in a drowning accident four years ago, I really don't like talking about it, but I miss her and loved her a lot. I was raised single handledly by mother, who I'm very close to. I don't speak with my father much, and I'm okay with that. I was a little bit of a loner during school, but I was alright with that as well. I focused on my work and graduated early. Had my fair share of bad relationships and at one point became celibate (one relationship became abusive and almost to point of getting 'forced' into certain things.) because I hated guys so much and thought all of them were scum bags, but I eventually learned to let it go and put my anger into sports and writing. I still have trust issues, but I'm working on them. After those experiences, I forced myself to change for the better.

any talents: I'm a singer and a dancer. I'm double jointed, I can bring my arms all the way over my head and back without dislocating them. I'm also a kickboxer, so I can kick some ass if needed.

anything you dont want your character to do: Be a push over, do drugs, or be hit by guys.

dying? (most likely not gonna happen but idkk just incase) I'm cool with it.

smoke/drink? Don't smoke, but I love drinking :P but socially ya know?

play an instrument? (you really dont have to. its not really a major factor): I play electric guitar, but I haven't really pursed it as a hobby recently. I mostly just sing.

Anything else? I'm a vegeterian.

So yeah, there's quite a few stuff I put here that I've never spoken about on here before, so sorry. I hope you pick me anyways, can't wait to read the story.


Author's response

you seem so cool and pretty. i think i already have a story inmind for you. stay tuned(: xx