Review for ***AUDITIONS:D***


(#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-05-15

Who do you want to be: Gee's gf/fiance don't matter which as long as i get to be with Gee

Name: Rosie (people call me Ro or Rose for short)

Age (will change to 20's...thinking about making this story black parade era): same as Gee!

Style: Punk/Rock

Favorite place to shop: Hot Topic

Appearance (the more detail the better!): 5'6, straight, long, black hair with red tinges at the ends, fringe covers one eye all the time, hazel eyes with green tinges, really skinny (people think i'm anorexic but i'm not), i wear black nail varnish all the time, i have to wear glasses but i only wear them when i have to, lip stud, nose stud, 5 piercings in each ear, chalk white foundation, tons of black eyeliner

Likes: Music, reading, writing, SKITTLES, COFFEE, energy drinks, unicorns

Dislikes: (just a warning there is quite a lot) I have a phobia of spiders, i hate homophobes, racism, fascism, prejudice, slags, whores, chavs, people who think they are better than everybody else, "cool" music (epically Bieber,)

Personality: Shy around people i don't know very well but once i get to know them i can't stop talking, random, hyper (epically after i have skittles, coffee and/or energy drink), funny

Past (i really don't want a paragraph about how you were abused and ran away or hiding it. too typical. BE CREATIVE AND DIFFERENT. you dont have to have a sad past. or be an outcast.): I am the youngest of 3, my big brother is in Hong Kong and i haven't seen him since June last year and i won't be see him till next year, my big sister is autistic so she doesn't really know whats going on in the world, my mum is mostly at work, my dad has been suspended at his school where he works but i don't like to talk about that because it's my dad's secret not mine to tell, my parents almost went through a divorce but they didn't but they argue on a daily business over stupid things, my dad's side of the family i don't see or talk to much, my mums side is very big and i have been told if i feel left out or sad they will be there for me, i'm not really an outcast, i just get shunned, i have a few friends in my class but most of them are chavs so i hate most of them, i friends who like the same music and taste as me and we have been labeled as "emo's" but we don't care we just do our own thing and don't care what people say about us

Any talents: I click my knuckles all the time i don't know i'm doing it, i'm almost a black belt in Tae kwon do so i can kick arse, i can sort of draw but some of my pictures are depressing, i am a cutter

Anything you don't want your character to do: do drugs, too violent, too random

dying? (most likely not gonna happen but just in case): i'm okay with it if needs be but i would rather not

Smoke/drink: Never smoked and never will, i sometimes drink but very little

Play an instrument (you really dont have to. its not really a major factor): i'm learning to play guitar but i don't practice very often

Good luck with your story and even if i'm not in it i'll still read it i'm sure it won't suck

Rosie :)