Review for The Only One For Me(?)

The Only One For Me(?)

(#) killjoy4life 2011-05-15

i died laughing when gee drank the salty coffee(earnig confused and freaked out looks from everyone in my house)!i was LITTERALLY rolling on the floor laughing!my mom even said "Maranda,i worry about you alot,but i think its time for another visit to the consolor." and that just made me laugh harder.i pointed to the screen and she read it!AND I SERIOUSLY HAVE GOT TO GIVE YOU MAJOR PROPPS CUZ U GOT MY MOM TO LAUGH ,ACTUALLY LAUGH!!Alex is a amazing carahter and your a amaing writer! i just found this storie today(and god knows how many times ive just passed it up) and somthing drew my attention to it.i read the first chater and and couldnt stop have to update soon! p.s.-i know this as a REALLY long review and i probally waisted your time but i had to say it! luvzeses you-xx killjoy4life

Author's response

Thank you! I don't know how many times I've done things like that! I start reading or watching something hilarious in a public place (like Borders or my school :) ) and I burst out laughing most of the time people assume that I'm crazy. My Social Studies teacher told my mom that MCR wasn't good for my mental health. I'm glad I made you (and your mom) laugh and I'm glad you like Alex. I modelled her after someone I know and I guess it's another way I can connect with the story. I'm gonna try to update tomorrow because apparently some random guy said the world ends tomorrw and I can't let it end without ending the story. I guess even if all the believers rose I could still finish the story because I'd still be here any way but oh well. You didn't waste my time at all! This actually brightend my day quite a bit and still has me smiling. (gives hug)
Love you!