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Part 4

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After two more cups of coffee at lightening speed, Gerard had met his breakfast time max. And no matter how much he pleaded, Mikey refused to pour or let Gerard pour another mug.
"Go bother someone else about coffee! I haven't even finished my third cup yet and you want a seventh!" Mikey said to a desprate looking, annoyed Gerard.
"Fine!" Gerard yelled back as Frank continued to laugh at their predicament. "Awex? Can I pwease have a cup coffee?" he asked in a little kid voice, batting his eyelashes, in a classic hands clasped kneeling begging postion. Aww, he looked so cute. I looked up at Mikey pleadingly. Mikey shrugged. I didn't want to undermine his younger-brother-authority or something. How am I supposed to resist when he's kneeling there staring at me with those big beautiful eyes? I looked from Mikey to Gerard then back to Mikey then at my coffee then back at Gerard.
"Just one sip." I gave in. Gerard's eyes lit up and he gave me a smile and a quick peck on the lips. I lowered the cup to his lips and he took a deep, long sip.
"Thanks." he said with a shy grin. I looked toward Mikes and mouthed 'I'm sorry'. He smiled and mouthed 'It's okay' back.
After breakfast was done, we had no clue what to do. We sat around awkwardly, making small talk and joking around. I saw a perfect opprotunity. I poured myself a glass of coffee and descretly dissolved salt into it instead of sugar. I left it on the table and said I'd be right back. I sat just out of view. Sure enough, I saw all of them glancing at it. Gerard reached towards it tried to seceretly steal some of it. He took a sip and gagged.
"What the hell?!" Mikey exclaimed.
"Gee!" Frank shreiked in surprise as Gee flailed around running to the sink and drinking water straight from the tap.
"Ick! Demon coffee! Blech! Oh God, what did she put in that stuff?!?" Gerard ranted. I burst out in laughter.
"Salt!" Gerard's expression was pricless.
"Why?" Mikey and Frank asked in unison.
"'Cause I knew someone would try to steal my coffee. Now my coffee's safe for life."
"Nice." Frank said laughing. Mikey was grinning and Gerard started to chuckle.
"Gerard, will you forgive me?" I asked.
"Sure. That was clever, how did you put salt in without any one noticing?"
"It was easy. You just have to act like you're not up to anything." I said smirking.
"Well I guess the prank war is on." Hayden said suddenly appearing. Mikey jumped in surprise.
"When'd you wake up?" Frank asked.
"Just in time to watch Gerard drink salty coffee." Hayden replied, smirking.
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