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Skylines and Turnstiles

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Gee's POV

The smells of autumn surrounded me. The chill of the gentle breeze carressed my skin as I sat on the stoop infront of my door alone. I watched a golden leaf break away from it's tree, spiraling gracefully towards the ground, and land on the gound dead. Death. I pondered it. One day I will die. Just like that leaf; once jade, now golden. Once soft, now brittle. Once living, now dead. Once here, now passed. One day my color will also fade as the world around me fades to black. I'll have passed. I'll be gone, like dust in the wind, just a ghost from the past. Every second, death drifts closer, unseen; undetected. How much does this mean? These short, small, insignificant years that I've lived. What have I done with my life? It's ticking away every second. What have I done worth remembering? What have I done that really truly matters?

My head snapped up at the soft sound of the crunch of leaves. I met his smiling eyes as he held out his hand, helping me up, and then he embraced me. I could smell the scent of coffee. He held me close.

"I love you." he whispered into my ear.

"Love you too." I whispered back. "Can't we just stay here, like this, forever?" I never wanted to let go.

"Gerard, we have school. We'll miss the bus." he sighed.

"Let's not go." I was surprised that I said that. My mouth seemed to have a mind of it's own and it continued. "We He seemed hesitant.

"Gee..." I gave him a kiss. "I-" Then another kiss "-don't-" And another. "-think it'd-" And another. "-be a good-" I kissed him and deepened it before he had time to stop me. He moaned softly which only made me want to ditch school more. He broke the kiss.



Frank's POV

"Can't we just stay here, like this, forever?" Gerard whispered into my ear. I wanted to. I wanted to tell him that I'd never let go and that we could just be together. I couldn't though. We had school and we had to be there. I promised his mom I'd get him to and from school.

"Gerard, we have school. We'll miss the bus." I involuntarily sighed. I wanted to ditch school too, but Gerard doesn't remember all the times he's skipped. I'd be corrupting his innocent, brilliant mind.

"Let's not go. We could be just you and me, together. No one and nothing else. We could spend the whole day, just you and me." he pleaded. I wanted to. I really wanted to, but I'd feel like I was violating his mom's trust. I could skip with Gee just this once, right? No. No, Frank you can't.

"Gee..." he atacked me with kisses as I tried to get out 'I don't think it'd be a good idea'. I gave up after 'good'. A small moan escaped my lips. With my last ounce of self control, I broke the kiss. "Gerard, we can't right now. I really really want to-God, you have no idea how much I want to, but I promised to get you to and from school. I promised. And if we don't hurry, we'll miss the bus and don't think that will stop me. If I have to I'll carry you all the way to school." he sighed and picked up his backpack.

Gee's POV

I sat down at the easeil and started to mix some colors. I saw the black. Black.

"Come on Gee! Give me a hint. Please?"
"God Frankie, are ya gonna die if I don't tell you or somethin'?" "It's hard to concentrate with all the talking. I love you like a brother but you talk more than a cheerleader with a new phone."

I had no right to think of him that way.

"Great! It's a date!" The bell rang. "Gotta run, see ya!"

"When were you going to tell me you had a thing for her?"
"Um, I didn't have a thing for her. That was completely random. Sure, I mean, I didn't NOT like her, but did that look planned to you?"

"Nothing much, umm... can I talk to you?"

"I'm sorry, I-I umm, got uh, c-carried aw-way."
"No, no, it wasn't that. I liked it. It's not you at all, it's... umm...wellI'mbi."
"Are you sure?"
"Hey, it's okay. There's nothing wrong with that."
"There's more though, I really like you, but I came back here to tell you that I this guy. I'm really sorry, I really don't want to hurt you, and I feel really bad especially after what just happened."
"It's okay" "Have you told him yet? That your bi? Or that you like him?"

"Hi Mrs. Iero. Umm, do you now where Frank is?"
"Hi sweetie! Hmmmm...I haven't seen him. Why don't you come in and we'll wait for him. I have coffee!" "Maybe I should go look for him."
"No, it's okay. I will. It's cold and I really need to find him anyway. It was nice seeing you, Mrs. Iero."

"FRANKIE!" "What's wrong?"
"What the hell do you want?"
"I-I really ne-need to t-talk with you."
"Sorry b!tch, I don't need to hear anything you've gotta say. So p!$$ off."
"Frankie, I-I'm soo sorry" I whimpered out, "a-about Kimberly. W-w-we're not together
any-ny-ymore." I gave him a hug. Pain filled me as I fell backward, collapsing onto the cement. Pain filled my entire body. I clutched my head where the pain seemed thickest. The hair was wet, warm, sticky. My blood was gushing out, but that was nothing compared to the pain of the rejection. Frankie!-Frankie didn't love me. Frankie hated me. Frankie hurt me. Frankie didn't want me. Frankie didn't love me. Frankie wanted me to be in pain. Frankie wanted to hurt me. I gathered my strength and looked up. Frankie was watching me, but I couldn't see clearly, he was a blur. He flipped me off and left. My sweet Frankie! Why? What had I done? What had I...I couldn't even think anymore. Everything was going dark...I slipped into the black.

It all had come flooding back. No. NO! NO! That didn't-that COULDN"T have happened! NO! Frankie wouldn't-I-NO! I felt a tear slip down my cheek. NO! THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN! IT COULDN'T HAVE! NO! No. He wouldn't.
"Oh my God Gee! Your okay! I'm so sorry Gee! I'm soo sorry! I can't believe I- I'm just so sorry!" "I'm so sorry Gee. I'm so soo sorry." he started to cry. "Oh my God, Gerard! Oh my God, you have amnesia! You seriously don't remember, I'm so sorry. This is all my fault!"
That was what my brain had tried so hard to sheild me from. It made perfect sense. I felt so numb. So numb. I felt another tear. And another. And another. They formed a steady stream.
"I-Well, we got in a fight, and I'm really sorry. It was my fault."
"Fwankie, why did we fight?"
"You-you-you were with this girl and I got mad and-and well I ran off so you found me, but I wanted to be alone, and you hugged me and I pushed you and you fell and hit your head and I'M SO SORRY GEE!" "I'm so sorry."

"Do you really want to know what I don't remember?"
"Our fight."

It was all real. All of it. I started sobbing.
"Gee? Gerard? Gerard?! Are you okay?" Frank rushed to my side, sounding panicked and concerned. I couldn't stop crying. I didn't want to talk to him about it. I stood up and ran out. Frank followed me, then stopped. I kept going. "Gerard!" he called one last time. I kept running. I ducked into the bathroom. I sunk down to the ground against the wall in the empty bathroom.
I sat there crying for what felt like forever. He said sorry. He did. He meant it. He really did. So why am I crying? I still couldn't stop. I just-I don't know. Frank! Frank I love you! I love you so much! The bell rang.
The picture.
The picture of Frankie. The one I finished. The one I finished the day we fought. I haven't given it to him yet. It's still in the art room.
I waited until the next bell rang. I ran to the art room. I took it out of the little space where I'd hung it up. I looked at it. Frankie. Excitment bubbled inside of me. I knew I was missing a class now and that the current art class is staring at me. I think I'd love to die alone. All by myself. That way Frankie wouldn't have to watch, no one would be staring at me like I'm a freak. It sounds like a perfect way go. I put aside my thoughts on death to figure out when to give it to him. I walked out of the art room and down the hall way. I walked to where I'd been hiding before andsat down inside. I looked at the painting. Frankie. Frank's beautiful face.
Maybe I could grab him and pull him in here before his next class. He has to walk past here. It's perfect. After 45 minutes or so the bell rang. I counted to ten, then cracked open the door. I spotted Frank's jet black hair and angelic face. I leaped out grabbed him and pulled him into the bathroom.
"Gee?" Frank asked, staring at me wide eyed. "Honey, what's wrong?" I gave him a weak smile and a tear trickled down my cheek. "Oh, hun it's okay. Gee, baby, it's gonna be okay. Just tell me what I can do. Please. How can I help?" I kissed him. It calmed my nerves a bit. He seemed more relax. We broke the kiss and I stared into his eyes. They were scared, full of cocern and worry and love. I let go of him.
"Frank, we were in art," he nodded his head but I wasn't finished. "right before we started fighting." His eyes filled with fear and panick and regret. "Kimberly asked me out. I said yes. We argued, you stormed off. At lunch time I talked to Kimberly. I told her that we had to break up because I was bi and in love with you. I went looking for you. after school first thing I did was go to your house to tell you how I felt. You never showed." Frank was crying now because he knew the horrific end to that chapter of our little story. "I went out looking for you. I found you in a dark alley. I was so happy. I walked up to you and you rejected me. I hugged you and in an attempt to get me off of you, you pushed me away. I fell and hit my head and slowly drained emptier and emptier. I woke up with no memory of it." Frank was all out sobbing. "When we were in the art room, you asked what I was painting." I revealed the painting. He gasped. "I love you Frank."
"I-I love y-you too." he said throwing his arms around me.
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