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Amazing. That's what all you guys are. I'd like to thank all of you for sticking with this story and for putting up with my incessant babbling. I'd also especialy like to thank CosmicZombie, Think-Happy-Thoughts, xxKiljoysxx, GreenDaySavedMyLife, dollypin, rainbow apocalypse, sheXxie, jodiethejodster, Kill the mainstream, ThatCrazyKid, georgieeMRC98, CourtneyAlerion, ktlynblue, amos222, MCRfan789, XFrankIeroismyheroX, Chloeee xx, ShannonThePirate, killjoy blackrose, mikeyf*ckingwayfan (sorry that I edited it, but I felt like I should so I did. I honestly really like the user name though), Keep-it-Ugly, Ne me touche pas, AnotherKnifeInMyHand, secretive, microwavedhamster202, xxMetalxFreak69, Broken Feathers, Nicnivin, ImBurning, andreajp, Lizzeh, rockerchick4life, Unicorns-are-real (thank you for the unicorn advice, Sparkles has been found and Mikey is reading him the book 'Good Night Moon' as we speak), XxxFallenAngelXxxx, unitedsuck007, killjoy4life, xXLaylaxX and everyone who rated! Do all the named people know what they did? No? You all reviewed (some of you more than once). Don't feel bad if ya didn't though because if you read all the way through 'til this, you read the entire story. The ups, the downs, the happy parts and the sad ones. Thank you all for reading and joining me on the weird journey. I have to say, this ended completly different than planned, but I love it all the same. Okay guess what else happened? As of approximatly 6:12 AM United States East Coast time today (May 25, 2011), this story (drumroll) had exactly 4,215 views! And it's still growing. It's over a hundred more views than yesterday. Once again, I'd like to thank all of you for making this possible and I hope you all have a absolutly amazing, fantastic day!

Love you all!
Annabel Lee, Your candy coated demon
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