Review for Holiday in Cambodia

Holiday in Cambodia

(#) andreajp 2011-05-24

I am not going to be sad when I write these reviews, as you know legends never die, she is still with us, so from now on, I'm going to review like she is reading them. Because I mean its a fact that there is internet.

I did not say any curse words when I say this was AN because I love reading them. Hell I told you in a review of FOL that reading those made me love you lol. Can't wait for the first chapter though this sounds like its going to be epic.

And by the way, when my cat bites me nothing happens, but if they poke me or scratch me it looks like I got a bee sting, or I got hit with a cord. And because cats are assholes, mine likes to get my wrist so it looks like a big ass scar -_- then everyone is like WHY DID YOU do that... No one ever believes the cat did it. Turdfaces.