Review for Summertime.


(#) emocutter91 2011-05-25

awe, I always love getting the update alerts for this story. And yah, I totally think Mikey is sexy too... Like, he could totally be a freaky bitch in my imagination, hehehe..... Anyways, I loved this, and I will continue to tell you so! And I totally love you because you must be Jamie-Love-Worthy because of your apparent awesomeness!
And yeah, that's greedy, *shakes finger scoldingly*
Very greedy, coz you know I ain't gonna stop reading and reviewing (and rating once I get some points!) until the day I die! ...which will hopefully be a very long time from now.
Lurv you, you awesomeness! Xoxo Jamie

Author's response

I'm sorry, I won't ask again :L and I hope you don't die soon either... That'd just make me sad!!!!

And I receive your Jamie-love graciously as it has come from such an equally epic person :D

also, Mikey is a freaky bitch, he just doesn't show it... Omnomnom.