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Ready, Set, Go!

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Trains. Who doesn't love them? (nothing to do with the story, just a random rhetorical question...)

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Mikey had known as soon as he had come into his room that something had happened between Gerard and Frank, He also knew that Frank had been crying due to the faint grey smudges that ran down his cheeks. He could just see Gerard and Frank practically glowing, and the way they sat close, not quite touching. The giggles that had been muffled when he came into the room had also told him that whatever had happened it hadn't been 'innocent'. Frankly, after that, he didn't really want to know. He took his phone off his drawers and texted Ray and Cassadee:

I came back in my room and Frank and Gee were sat giggling. I don't know whether or not i want to know what's gone one... :L

He slid his phone shut and climbed past Frank to get to his bed, he shoved some cd's and books aside so there was space for him to sit. His phone buzzed in his hand, indicating he'd gotten a reply from Ray:

LOL, i knew it'd end up hapnin'. theyre so sxually fustrated :L :L :L

Mikey tried to hide his laugh with a fake cough, making him sound like he had just inhaled something unpleasant.

Dude, they are not images i want :L It's bad enough that they're sat close enough that they are almost sat in each other's laps :P

Mikey shook his head, as if trying to throw the thoughts out of his head. Sometimes his dirty mind just made things funny, other times he cursed it. He grabbed the X-box controller that was at the end of his bed and realised it was turned off.

"Hey Frank," He said whilst poking his friend in the back with his toe, "Turn the x-box on for me."

Frank turned to look at him, one eye brow raised and Mikey shot him the most mocking and widest grin he could possibly achieve. Frank sighed and crawled over to the X-box, "You should count yourself lucky that you're just too darn lovable to deny."

"Aye, he should. Although when he was little he was much cuter. He used to sit there giggling all the time. Then he'd shit himself and he wasn't quite so cute..." Gerard gave Mikey the same kind of grin that Mikey had given Frank whilst he just sat there glaring at his big brother and Frank was roaring with laughter.

"Oh, my, god. I can just imagine baby Mikey, all poker-faced and squishy," Frank's own thoughts made it harder and harder for him to breathe at all and he ended up rolling on the floor, grasping his sides. His face had gone bright red and there were tears that were begging to escape his eyes.

Mikey just bit the inside of his cheek and tried not to laugh at Frank. Gerard, on the other hand, was laughing at Frank laughing. Mikey's phone buzzed again next to his leg:

it isn't my fault that you're mind is dirtier than a backstreet whore!

Mikey quickly replied:

Screw you! :L Your mind is no better than mine!

By this point Frank and Gerard had started to calm down again and Frank had horrendous hiccups, making him jolt every time one attacked him. Mikey turned his attention to the X-box, which had been running for the past five minutes, and started the game that hadn't been taken out last night. Frank and Gerard still snickering at his 'poker face' whilst he concentrated. Frank had pulled out his phone and typed something in to show Gerard, making him giggle more, Gerard took out his phone and keyed in some words then handed it to Frank. Mikey, fully aware of what they were doing, blushed a soft shade of pink.

"Guys! Get. A. Room! You two are acting like two kids on the playground at recess. Honestly, you couldn't make it more obvious if you tried!" Mikey huffed as he leant back against the wall next to his bed.

Gerard and Frank looked at each other and spluttered out another set of giggles. Mikey rubbed the bridge of his nose at the immaturity of the two guys he knew better than anyone else.

When Frank tried to speak through his giggles it was a little incoherent and he had to take several deep breaths to calm himself down. He tried to put on his serious face on but Gerard kept making him giggle until he finally hit his arm and forced him to face the other way. "Are we really that obvious?" Mikey just stared at him as if he had two heads.

"Obvious?! Neither of you are exactly subtle! Granted i did intervene a little, but you could practically cut the sexual tension between you two!" It was now Mikey's turn to laugh at the embarrassed faces of Frank and Gerard. "Oh, come on guys. Last night when you came back up with the pizzas you made it even more obvious, 'specially you, Frank. I may have been drunk but not that drunk."

Gerard rubbed the back of his neck, he could still feel the lingering touch of Frank's fingers, "I didn't think you noticed. I knew Cassadee noticed. What about Ray and Hayley? Have they said anything?"

Mikey nodded, "Ray, 'most definitely. Hayley, probably, if not she'll know by now, either through Ray or Cass."

Frank looked worried. "Frank, why do you look so worried? It's not as though any of us are gonna shun you and send you packing off to a straight camp. As long as you don't ditch me and constantly make-out in front of me i'm cool with it."

Frank relaxed, " I just didn't know how you felt about it and don't worry i could never ditch you. You're my best friend.." He glanced at Gerard, his eyes running up and down his sleek body, "..and no matter how gorgeous your sibling is if you need me, i'll be there. Hell i may even blow him off for you."

Gerard stared at him, wide-eyed and mouth agape, " I damn well hope not! Or imma come stabby-stabby you with a charcoal pencil!" Gerard grabbed a pencil out of his box and wielded it in a violent manner, just to reinforce his threat. Then giggled and put it back.

Mikey sighed and tried to turn his attention back to his game and just couldn't seem to get into it. He turned his X-box off via his controller and put it down next to him, "Well, now i don't want to stay inside."


Hai der!

It's a new chapter, and i know it's mostly in Mikey's perspective, but HEY! who doesn't want Mikey's view. He's just too damn sexy not to have one! I hope you like this chapter, it's not as long as i'd hoped to make it and it might not be my normal style-i've been feeling really down lately :/ I've tried to get it as close to my usual happy writing as i can. And i can't tell if it's any different or not... You might be able to tell my mood due to the title, instead of it being the happy kind of band it's Tokio Hotel. In my world it says alot.

NOW! it's time for me to stop being depressing!

Rates and Reviews are L.O.V.E, i may start blackmailing you all for more reviews and rates :L If i get at least four i'll get a another chapter up... Or is that being greedy, oh i don't know! just blehhhhhh. Mwah, I loves y'all -End Transmission-
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