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Tell Me I'm A Wreck.

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:A Rating for the vulgar language used :O

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It was about three o'clock when Hayley had to go to work, so Gerard offered her a lift home, this was wehn Ray and Cassadee also tried to scrounge a lift off him. Being the lovely person he is he obliged, Thankfully they didn't live too far from one another. Cassadee was the last to be dropped off, a tactful move on Gerard's behalf. When he pulled up to the house he span round in his seat to talk to her.

"Cass, I'm sorry i annoyed you before."

Cassadee sighed and concentrated her gaze on the fraying upholstery, "It's OK, i guess i over-reacted a little too. It's just that Frank deserves someone, He's such a sweet guy and he always puts other people's issues before his own. And trust me, he's got quite a few of his own issues, He just hardly ever lets them show."

Cassadee looked like she was about to burst into tears, "I know, i'm going to talk to him. Even if he doesn't want me in that way i want to be a friend for him." Cassadee raised her wide, turquoise eyes to look Gerard in his hazel ones.

"How can anyone be so kind to someone they've only just met?"

"I don't know, maybe it's my awesomeness just being awesome," Gerard grinned wide and Cassadee stuck her tongue out at his Egotistical remark and bailed out of the car, skipping up the path to her house and waving frantically as he pulled away.

When Gerard got back home after going to the corner shop, for two bottles of fizzy vimto, three bags of Haribo and three big bags of Doritos, Mikey was in the shower, leaving Frank in his room scribbling in his notepad and strumming on his guitar. Gerard sat next to Frank, almost touching and handed him a bag of Haribo, which Frank thanked him for quietly and went back to his guitar. Gerard had left his sketchpad and pencil box in Mikey's room so he started doodling a comic-style picture of a long, beautiful, dark haired vampire girl leaping off a table and attacking a scared Jock. The vampire girl looked a lot like a female version of Frank, not that either of them actually noticed.

They sat there for about five minutes and Frank was slowly getting angrier and was crossing lyrics out more and more, until he finally ended up tearing through the page, throwing his pen and pad across the room and shoving his guitar off his knee and onto the floor. He grabbed a pillow from next to him and screamed into it, as he calmed down he started sobbing. Gerard, alarmed and not sure what to do, put down his own pad down next to him, wrapped an arm round Frank's shoulders and pulled him into him. Frank practically fell into Gerard's chest and cried endlessly into Gerard's shoulder whilst he rubbed small circles in his back and ssh'd him soothingly. Once Frank's tears had subsided into a gentle shaking and uneasy breaths Gerard pushed him off of his shoulder so he could look him in the face. Frank's leftover eyeliner had run down his cheeks and his face was bright red from crying, Yet Gerard still thought he was one of the most beautiful sights he'd ever seen.

"Frank, what's wrong?" Gerard tried to keep his voice soft and soothing.

"Everything! Nothing ever fucking goes right in my shitty, fuck up of a life! Might as well just fucking curl up and die in a fucking hole" Frank had kicked his bag that was at his feet and had covered his face with his hands.

"Frank! Don't ever say that. EVER. You shouldn't give up on life, I mean it," Gerard had pulled Frank's hands down to look him directly in the eyes. Frank's eyes were full of tears and were red around the rims. "Your life is the most precious thing in the world. Don't just throw it away."

"If my life is so fucking precious why do i feel so fucking worthless?" Frank spat back at Gerard, with more venom than he actually intended to use.

Gerard tried not to be hurt by Frank's tone, he knew it was because Frank was upset, "You feel worthless because you let yourself feel that way. You're not worthless in Mikey's eyes or Cassadee's," Or mine, " You are talented, kind, funny," Beautiful, " and you have your whole life ahead of you. Don't let some moronic jocks make you believe otherwise!"

"No, it's not those meatheads, although they don't exactly help. I just- I can't. Oh, i don't fucking know! I'm just sick of things going wrong in my life. I just wish that something would go right for once!" Frank had stopped crying, although a few still occasional escaped from his eyes, and had calmed down from his fury. He just felt empty.

Gerard felt incredibly guilty, He knew that he could help Frank accept himself but he was scared that he'd end up hurting Frank more. He also knew that there was something that Frank wasn't telling anybody. But Gerard didn't want to push the situation, even if he desperately wanted to help this angelic boy feel better.

Frank looked into Gerard's eyes and studied them, not for the first time and marvelled in the way that they were almost green around the pupil and then turned a gold-y green colour and faded into a dark brown. He catalogued the way Gerard's nose upturned a little bit at the end and the little pucker his lips always seemed to have and how soft they had felt against his and how the gentle rosy-pink of his cheeks dusted his sharp cheekbones and blended with the rest of his so, very pale complexion. Without realising what he was doing Frank leant into Gerard and brushed his lips against Gerard's. That was when Gerard pressed back, softly and hesitantly at first and then it became harder, more passionate. Frank turned to face Gerard more face-on and pressed his lips harder, Gerard slid his hands up Frank's arms and up his shoulder towards the back of Frank's neck. Frank, hands now free, wrapped his arms around Gerard's waist and pulled him that little bit closer. Gerard pulled back to catch his breath, Frank also pulled back. They both looked deep into each other's eyes, Gerard noticed the same spark that he had seen last night, just a flash, before Frank finally looked away.

Frank started giggling, almost hysterically, he didn't understand how such a impeccable creature such as Gerard would ever want to even touch him, never mind let him kiss him and then kiss back. Gerard couldn't help but laugh along, he felt elated, like there was a heavy weight taken off his chest. They laughed so hard they couldn't breathe and tears were rolling down their cheeks. When they had finally regained their composure neither of them could stop grinning and when Mikey came back into his room, hair wet and looking fresh, he eyed them both knowingly and pulled out his phone and started texting immediately.



D'you like it?!!!! I hope the chapter's long enough. If it's a little short i'm sorry, alot of them have seemed short recently but i wanted this to be short and sweet. SO THAT'S WHAT IT IS! I started writing this chapter feeling like shit, then my caffeine kicked in! You may be able to notice where :L I was gonna make Mikey come in topless but then i thought NO! Too much boy-attraction in one chapter wil make me die BECAUSE MIKEY IS BEAUTIFUL!

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