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Lying is. (Part 2)

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When Ray woke up he was not very impressed with his makeover. However, when he found out that Hayley had done it he didn't seem to mind as much. He proclaimed loudly to everyone that he was hungry and if everyone had already eaten he didn't care. Which reminded them that they hadn't had anything to eat since any of them woke up and were ravenous. Gerard instructed them to get dressed and meet him downstairs. He made his way to his bedroom and routed through the still- packed bags at the end of his bed for a pair of semi-clean boxers and t-shirt. When he got downstairs into the kitchen Mikey was shuffling through a cookbook, fully dressed.

"Why have you got a cookbook out?" Gerard asked as he shuffled past him to the coffee machine.

"Well, I don't want pizza again and i quite like the idea of having a stir-fry," Mikey was rummaging in the fridge for the ingredients.

"Mikey, this has nothing to do with you trying to impress Cassadee at all does it?" Gerard just grinned as he poured himself a mug of coffee.

"I don't know what you mean," Mikey mumbled into the fridge.

Gerard giggled and started prepping the vegetables that Mikey handed him. There was a loud thud and a lot of giggling that came from the living room. Gerard shooed Mikey away to go and make sure that no-one had died or anything. A few minutes later Gerard heard the T.V being turned on and Cassadee appeared in the doorway. Gerard looked at her and raised one eyebrow questioningly, he really liked this girl ( as a friend obviously), she was sassy, funny and just plain great, Mikey has good taste. Cassadee slid into the breakfast bar opposite the worktop Gerard was working on and rested her chin on her interlocked fingers.

"You should really talk to Frank you know. Don't assume that i've forgotten what happened last night. I know for a fact that Frank hasn't," Cassadee was using a light-hearted tone but she was deadly serious.

"Cass, i don't really think Frank wants to talk about it. Anyway, he was drunk, it probably didn't even mean anything," Gerard was hiding his face behind his fringe, trying to avoid Cassadee's 'are you for real' face.

"Gerard, you know as well as i do that i didn't mean anything. You're just too cowardly to face it," Cassadee was getting annoyed at Gerard's willingness to avoid the situation and, although he didn't actually know her that well, Gerard could tell that he didn't want Cassadee annoyed with him. "Look, i'm assuming you've had boyfriends before. Frank hadn't even kissed a guy before the other night and who was the guy he kissed? Oh look, it's you. You need to man up and face the fact that you like Frank. I don't care about your excuses. Frank needs someone to talk to. Sure, he talks to me, Mikey and Hayley. But i just know that he doesn't open up to uus as much as i'm sure that he'd open up to you."

Cassadee slammed her hands on the breakfast bar and spun out of her seat and into the living room. Leaving Gerard stood there, slightly stunned at the intensity of her annoyance. It also made him feel extremely guilty. He felt something toward Frank, when they had kissed the other night it had felt strange, but it was fleeting and he wasn't sure what it was. Last night he had kissed him again, well, made out with him and the surges of energy that had coursed through his veins had been mind-blowing. When Frank had pulled away he was buzzing with electricity, like he had downed several bottles of energy shots. He had looked deep into Frank's chocolate eyes and seen something flash in them. He wasn't sure what it was, but it made him feel light headed and rather warm in regions where it shouldn't. When they went back upstairs with the pizzas both of them were practically glowing. Cassadee had accompanied Gerard back downstairs as he went to get the second batch of pizzas and questioned him furiously until he had finally spilled. Frank had been blabbering upstairs about how amazing he felt. Thankfully no-one upstairs had been listening to him. However, Gerard could not shake the feeling of butterflies out of his stomach everytime he glanced at Frank.

Gerard mulled over his thoughts as he cooked the rest of the food and finally came to a strong conclusion.



i'm sorry i just love cliff hangers too much :A and i'm sorry it took ages to type this up but everytime i started writing i either got distracted by other people's fics :} or i had to go do uninteresting jobs and shit. Also i couldn't think of a name for the chapter so i just named it after the song i was listening to at the time- it kinda fits?

anyway I hope you be enjoying the story so far :) Rate and Review. Luff yar all!!! -End Transmission-

P.S You guys make me feel like some kind of evil mastermind with the power to crush people's spirits. Seriously. I feel so bitchy leaving it on cliffhangers D: Don't hate me!!!
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