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Lying is.

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The night after the party

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*OMG pre-note. Shit must be going down!!! Well, not quite. But I would just like to say before you read this chapter- don't hate me. The idea came to my head and I thought it was beter than my original one ^^ I'm also writing on an iPad here so the stupid correctional text may screw sme things up :/ if so, I apologise. When I get back onto the laptop it WILL be fixed.

Teehee, enjoy:*

Mikey woke up with a pounding headache and the vision of a bat. Thankfully, he had not been too drunk to take out his contact lenses. He realised that he was layer on the floor, he propped himself up on his elbows and discovered that Hayley and Cassadee had stolen his bed and let him sleep on the floor along with Ray and Frank. There were remnants of pizza crusts littering his bedroom along with dirty plates. He vaguely remembered devouring half of a pizza and... He stopped breathing and almost exploded with excitement. He. Made. Out. With. Cassadee. Mikey had to get out of his room before he woke someone up with his sudden hyperactivity. He quickly glanced at his phone- half eleven, Gerard should be awake by now.

Mikey pranced downstairs like a baby deer and almost collapsed when he stopped and allowed his headache to actually take affect. Gerard looked up from the sofa where he was quietly watching 'family guy' with a mug of coffee in his hands.

"Hey sleepy, you ok?" Gerard settled his mug down on the coffee table next to the sofa and trudged into the kitchen whilst Mikey snuggled into the blanket on a large chair. "I'm assuming you want coffee?"

"Yes! I would kill for a cup," Mikey rubbed his eyes and yawned widely, "and possibly some paracetamol."

"I'm not surprised that you need painkillers after last night, you were completely mashed!" Gerard came in holding out a cup of steaming, black coffee in one hand and a small bottle that rattled in the other.

Mikey took the pills gladly and sipped on his coffee, then he realised why he had been so excited before his spell of dizziness. "Gerard!" he practically shouted, causing his older sibling to almost drop his scalding hot drink, "I made out with Cassadee last night!"

Gerard laughed at his little brother's statement. "I know mikes, don't forget who was the sober one last night."

"Oh yeah."

"How much do you remember of last night?"

"I remember quite a bit of it, I can remember laying on Gabe's back lawn with Cass. You trying to get us into the car, a lot of giggling and kinda eating pizza."

Gerard just murmured a response and seemed to phase out, chewing on the inside of his cheek, which Mikey had learned meant that he was thinking. Mikey just decided to ignore his big brother and concentrate on the antics of the cartooned family on the t.v.

It was about ten minutes later when they heard someone coming downstairs, it turned out to be Hayley. She was wearing one of Mikey's long band t-shirts and a pair of rolled-up sweatpants and informed them that He had given her and Cassadee a pair each to sleep in. She had put her hair up into a loose ponytail and attempted to wipe away some of the mascara that had smudged under her eyes overnight off. Gerard played host and was making coffee for Hayley when Cassadee came stumbling into the living room and, to no-ones surprise, was wearing almost exactly the same as Hayley, except her short, brown hair was hanging loose by her shoulders and framed her face almost perfectly, without anything being done to it.

Mikey smiled at her sheepishly as she came in and she grinned broadly back, she walked daintily over to him and snuggled into the chair with him. Resting her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes in utter contempt.

Cassadee, they discovered, had remembered more of the night and was trying to recall the last part of it whilst draining the last of her coffee mug. Gerard had decided to see how much they remembered to evaluate how drunk they all actually were and wasn't going to fill in any of the unnecessary details. Cassadee seemed to know more than what she was telling and gave Gerard a sly smile. Hayley, however, was completely mashed the night before and could hardly remember it at all. Gerard blamed it on Ray's partying.

Once the four of them eventually got bored of watching t.v they decided it would be amusing to play a prank on either Frank or Ray. When they got upstairs they figured that Ray would be the prime target as he was still sleeping deeply and didn't wake after a few prods and pokes. They then had to decide on a prank to pull on him. Mikey had a lightbulb moment and whirled round to his bedside table and brandished a pair of straighteners. There was a hushed giggling and a lot of muffled snorting as Hayley plugged the straighteners in and set to work taming Ray's beast. Frank woke up just after they had finished and disassociated himself from the fury of Ray's smooth 'fro.

Gerard and Frank kept sharing awkward glances and Cassadee kept catching them and each time trying to hide the massive smirk from them.


GAH!!!!!!! I het to do this to you guys again, but I have just been informed that the parental unit wants all Internet devices off. I hope you don't hate me too much for not telling you what happened with Gerard and Frank. Bt I think this keeps things fresh!! ;D so, yeah. I wanted to update as soon I possibly could and this was what came into my head. G'night everybody! ( or morning or afternoon or whatever...) BYEEE!!!!!! - End Transmission-
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