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The Church Of Hot Addiction.

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It was nine o'clock by the time the six of them got to Gabe's house and already it was getting out of hand; Someone had managed to get hold of a few kegs of beer and some big jock guys were carrying them inside. There were several people laying on the front porch smoking what smelt suspiciously sweet.

Ray was bouncing with excitement, he had already had three cups of strong, black coffee and was ready to go. He had also made an effort, Gerard assumed for Hayley, he was wearing black slack jeans, a red shirt and a black leather jacket. He grabbed Hayley's hand and dragged her inside, giggling all the way inside with red hair streaming behind.

Mikey, Cassadee, Gerard and Frank were left outside, They decided to make an effort of sticking together. Gabe was stood at the top of the porch steps, talking to a dark haired girl that Mikey identified as Victoria Asher. Gabe gave Mikey a friendly nod and as they walked past he grabbed Mikey's arm and said loudly over the blasting music;

"Welcome to the church of hot addiction!"

Mikey laughed as he pulled away from Gabe, shaking his head at his friend's strange humour. The small group made their way through the mass of teenage bodies towards the kitchen, which had been turned into a makeshift bar, already littered with plastic red cups. Gerard started to make his way over to the beer kegs settled on top of the counter when Mikey grabbed his arm, Hazel eyes wide with worry.

"What? I was getting a coke and you guys a drink," Gerard gestured to the stack of coke cans behind one of the kegs. He turned and looked his brother square in the face, "Look, Mikey. I'm not going to drink, I know what it did to me. Anyway i'm the designated driver, Responsibility is my middle name!"

Mikey sighed and gave Gerard an exasperated look, responsible wouldn't be one of his first choice of words to describe his brother.

"That's funny, i was sure that you're middle name's Arthur."

Gerard gave Mikey a look of fake offence then grinned and skipped over to the stack of plastic cups and poured three beers for Frank, Mikey and Cassadee and snagged a can of coke for himself. Ray and Hayley came bounding up to the little group, hair wild and looking rather flustered. Ray grabbed Gerard's can, downed it, grabbed Mikey and Frank and pulled them into the crowd. Hayley grabbed Cassadee and Gerard and pulled them with her. Immersing themselves in the hot, drunk and gyrating bodies that surrounded them.


It was about half past eleven and Gerard was sat on the back lawn, talking to Gabe, he soon realised that Mikey's description of him was pretty accurate. He discovered that Gabe was actually quite smart, he just hated teachers and that he would rather watch other people get drunk and stay sober. Gerard thought he was cute, he was tall, dark and very, very handsome. Somehow, though Gerard just didn't feel that pull like he would have done in the past. They were discussing the benefits of being tall when Frank stumbled out of the back door, pulling Hayley out with him and fell to the floor in a heap, giggling and rolling about drunkenly. Hayley got to her knees and crawled over to where Gerard and Gabe were sat slurring words and pulling Frank along.

"Lu-look! It's Gee!! Hey Gee!" Hayley was waving at him frantically whilst trying to swallow the hiccups that now plagued her after her fit of giggles. "I want a hug! Gabe can i hug you?" She threw her arms round Gabe's neck and slid to the floor, leaning against Gabe's shoulder.

Frank managed to get a little bit further and layed out on the ground next to Gerard and looked up at the older boy, a grin spread across his face as he pointed up to Gerard's face. "You, you're really pretty. I- I like pretty people, they make me fuzzy inside." Frank rolled onto his back and hugged himself as he gently rocked/ rolled himself from side to side.

Gerard laughed at Frank's drunkeness and sent an apologetic glance at Gabe, who just shrugged and laughed it off, "It's fine. It's not the first time i've had a drunk girl throw her arms round my neck." He peeled Hayley's arms from his shoulders and rolled her onto her side.

Next Mikey and Cassadee came staggering out, arms locked around each other, with Ray in quick tow. Mikey and Cassadee threw themselves onto the floor next to Frank's giggling body and started nuzzling each other. Gerard found this really cute until they started to make-out, then he had to turn away, he just felt awkward watching his little brother. Ray sat down slightly less drunkenly next to Hayley and rested her head into his lap as she giggled and pawed at his fluffy hair. Gabe looked around at the drunk people around him and got up.

"Well, i'm going to go and make sure Victoria isn't off getting felt up by some creepy jock," Gabe brushed himself down and noticed Gerard's sly smile, "Oh! No, it's not like that. She's like a sister to me, I just don't want her getting raped or anything."

Gerard's smile didn't fade as Gabe flipped him off and plunged back into the depths of his house.


The drive back to the Way household was cramped and difficult, getting five drunk teenagers into a tiny VW bug was not an easy feat and getting them inside the house without waking up his mum was even harder. Once everyone was in Mikey's room he ran downstairs, wrote a quick note for his mum, as he wouldn't see her before she went to work, and threw some frozen pizzas in the oven to cook. He poured himself a cup of coffee as the pizzas cooked and hoped that Mikey's room wasn't slowly being obliterated. He barely noticed the soft footsteps that came down the stairs and almost died when he turned round after checking the pizzas and there being a topless Frank Iero stood in front of him.

"Jeeze Frank! You scared the life outta me."

Frank grinned and fluttered his eyelashes. "You know, i wasn't joking when i said you're pretty. You really are. Beautiful, in fact."

Gerard was gobsmacked. He thought Frank was the cute, quiet kid. Apparently not when drunk. "Frank, you're drunk. You need to get some food in you to help sober you up."

Frank shook his head and peered out from under his fringe, still hiding his eyes. Gerard felt his stomach flip, he looked so cute. Frank slid his hand around Gerard's waist and pulled him closer.

He mumbled under his breath as he inched closer towards Gerard's lips, "Sober enough to know what i'm doing."


My friend shouted at me because i kept leaving the chapters on cliffhangers. It's just too much fun!!!!!!!!!!

Please don't hate me :} imma be hopin' you've enjoyed this chapter i enjoyed writing it. REVIEW AND RATE!!!!! I LOVE YOUUUU!!!!!! MWAH! -End Transmission-
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