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I Feel Like Dancin'.

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The film was the typical marvel-esque movie and Mikey and Gerard were sat whispering throughout, guessing the plot line and being scarily accurate. Ray and Haley had decided to sit in the row behind Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Cassadee. Frank was rather glad of this as he had heard rather a lot of giggling coming from behind them, and not because of the film. When they came out of the mall it was about four o'clock and raining the thin, drizzly kind of rain that soaked them to the bone in the short walk to the car.

The five of them crammed into Gerard's small car. Frank sat in the front (He managed to call shotgun), Mikey, Cassadee and Ray sat on the back seat with Hayley laid across them. Head on Ray's lap, feet on Mikey's and leaving Cassadee in the middle having to bear the majority of her best friend's weight. It was entertaining to get them in but getting them out was a nightmare. They eventually managed to bail out into the Way's garage and up into Mikey's room, which still had duvets and pillows everywhere. Cassadee and Hayley delved into a duvet and huddled together, trying to regain some of the warmth that they lost in the rain. Mikey had smuggled several bags of tortilla chips upstairs and dumped them in the middle of the floor.

Ray collapsed next to Hayley and tilted his head back, his hair floating above his head. "That was entertaining. What now?"

"What do you mean 'what now?' We've only just got back!" Mikey layed down on his bed and started rummaging through his nightstand's drawer, looking for C.Ds.

"Can you not stay still for more than five minutes? Seriously, just chill," Frank popped open a bag of chips, sat next to Mikey's bed and leant against the leg.

"Yes, but i get bored easily, and i was wondering if we could do anything tonight. I want to go to a party, i've not been out for ages," Frank leaned forward and opened the second bag of chips, which were stolen out of his hands by Cassadee and the girls started to much their way through the contents.

"There is a party going on, i think it's at Saporta's," Hayley paused and she crunched down on another chip thoughtfully, "He can be a bit of a prick though."

"He's not that bad, He's pretty cool with me. Anyway, He throws pretty good parties," Mikey mumled into his drawer and there was a clacking of C.D cases.

"Who throws a good party?" Gerard came in with a big sketch pad and a small box that rattled when he moved and settled down in between Cassadee and Frank.

"Gabe Saporta. Ray decided he wanted to go to a party, we're just thinking of the possible places," Cassadee looked up as Gerard got comfy.

"Oh, cool. We should go, i don't know how long it's been since i went to a party," Gerard mused. Mikey gave him a worried glance, Gerard had almost forgotten why he hadn't been to a party in such a long time. "Don't worry Mikey. I won't drink and if i do, You have the right to slap me in the morning."

Mikey relaxed a little bit and he pulled out a stack of seven C.Ds out of his drawer and loaded one into his stereo, Misfits started playing as a low thrum. Ray had turned on the X-box and he was playing against Hayley on CoD, Mikey picked up the third controller and joined the match, backs to Gerard, Frank and Cassadee. Frank had pulled out a book from his bag and was reading quietly whilst Gerard sketched with Cassadee watching over his shoulder. The sketch Gerard was drawing was going to be a zombie, but ended up slowly turning into a very muscular and scantily dressed Frank look- alike, minus the tattoos. Gerard felt Cassadee giggle against his back when she realised who it looked like, He turned to face her and she took the pencil out of his hand and wrote on the back of his previous drawing in long, curvy script.

'You really like him don't you?'

She nodded her head in the direction of Frank. Gerard sighed and scribbled in short, fast words.

'is it really that obvious?'

'Well considering you're drawing a very erotic look-alike of him, Yes. It is.'

Gerard took another glance at his sketch. He hadn't realised that it looked so much like Frank and blushed awkwardly. Cassadee giggled again. Gerard reached in his box for an eraser and was about to start rubbing his drawing out until Cassadee stopped him with wide eyes.

"What? It's no good," Gerard muttered, a look of embarrassment still on his face.

"It is, maybe you just need to tweak it a little. It's really good," Cassadee's eyes were filled with guilt for making Gerard feeling bad about his drawing.

Gerard sighed and rubbed out little sections of the pencil lines and adjusted them and then rubbed out the short, dark hair and replaced it with long, pale hair. He then cocked his head at the drawing and gave it wings, detailed with feathers that he gave a shimmery look. He held the drawing up in front of his face and chewed on the inside of his cheek and finally nodded, pleased with his work.

Mikey turned to grab the bag of chips that Frank was working his way through and saw Cassadee leaning on Gerard's shoulder. He felt a twinge in his gut, Cassadee looked up, gave him a big grin and crawled over to sit next to him.

Gerard, looked up and watched Cassadee going to his brother with an intrigued look on his face whilst Mikey laugh as Cassadee climbed over him to rest her legs on his lap. Gerard smiled and shook his head, putting his attention onto whether or not to give his drawing some colour or not. He realised, with a surge of panic that his short conversation with Cassadee was still written on the back of his drawing of a frankenstein-esque zombie and scrubbed out the hastily written writing.

It was about half past five when Ray brought the topic of the party back up and Frank thought it'd probably best if they checked with someone. Mikey texted Gabe, confusing Cassadee and Hayley as to how he had Gabe's number.

"Gabe's actually pretty cool. I sit next to him in biology, math and chemistry. He gives off that persona of being a prick, but when you get to know him he's really nice," Mikey explained as though it was the most obvious thing in the world, astonishing even Frank. Ray and Gerard didn't know who they were on about so they weren't really swayed.

He eventually got a reply, about five minutes later. He informed the rest that it was on that night and that it started seven-ish.

"Well, We'd better get our butts shiftin' if we're gonna get Gerard ready by then." Ray was still killing things on the X-box, but Hayley had stopped and was just leaning against him, watching. She looked up at him.

"You are so lucky you didn't make a sexist remark then," She warned.

"Oh, i'm not sexist. I'm sexy!" he laughed back.

"You are right though, we need to get our shit together and get ready," Hayley became less flirtatious and stopped to think, "Gerard, can you give us a lift home and then we congregate back at Gabe's house about half eight. I don't want to get there too early."

Gerard gave a grunt of semi-acknowledgement as he concentrated on the massive, creepy tree he was drawing. Ray leant over to Gerard and clicked in his face, startling him out of his arty trance.

"Dude, you gonna give us a lift home so we can get ready for the party tonight?"

"What, yeah. Do you want me to pick you guys up or are we meeting you at Gabe's?" Gerard glanced back and forth between the four frowning faces of Ray, Mikey, Cassadee and Hayley.

"Hayley just said that we should meet up at Gabe's, Half eight-ish," Mikey said exasperatedly.

Frank looked up from his book that he had been immersed in for about an hour and had almost finished, completely oblivious as to what had been going on around him.

"So are we going to this party then?"

Mikey slapped himself on his forehead.



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