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Lost In Stereo (Part 2)

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Gerard raced upstairs and threw himself onto his bed, closing the door with a loud thud. He lay there panting from the fast getaway from Mikey and Frank and stared at a picture that he had drawn years ago, stuck to his ceiling from the lack of wall space. He knew that his brother was going to question him as to why he took off so spontaneously, he didn't want to tell Mikey that he was attracted to his younger brother's best friend.

He stood and walked over to his window and opened it, a cool breeze filtered into his room as he rummaged through the desk in front of the window. he eventually pulled out an old notebook that had been graffitied on and had several dog-eared pages. He sat in front of the desk and opened it gently, the pages cracking like an ancient tome. He turned each page one by one and took in the sight of his own self-hatred. Inside the pages there were hundreds of small drawings of a boy with raven black hair and a long slim body broken and bleeding on the floor. Sometimes in a hallway, or a wood. Some of them were of the same boy hanging by a noose, dangling from the branch of a tree or hanging from the rafters of an attic. Scrawled around the drawings were words like 'Faggot' and 'Worthless', words that cut deep into his heart. The words that the jocks at school had used to bite into Gerard's confidence and undermine his ability to cope. Gerard ran his hands over the pages, the faint smell of alcohol rising up from the paper. He hated that book, but he kept it because it reminded him of how far he had come and where he never wanted to go back. It reminded him that he had friends and family that had stuck by him, loved him, through a dark, dark chapter of his life and that they accepted him for who he is.

He felt tears prick into his eyes and took a deep breath to regain his composure. He slid the book back into the bottom of the drawer where he got it from and fished out the penknife his dad had given him for his 15th birthday before he had left and flipped it open. The blade glinted in the sunlight that cascaded through the window, Gerard raised his wrist to his face and placed the knife next to the scars that adorned it. He studied how well the knife fit the shape of the milky-white scar tissue that only just stood out on his pale complexion. He remembered the contrast between his pale pallor and the scarlet red that erupted from beneath it, He closed his eyes and flicked the blade shut. He rest his head between his hands, almost like praying, and took another long breath and put the knife back in the drawer and slid it shut.

He got up, grabbed his drummer boy jacket off the back of his door and shouted to all that he needed to hear that they had half an hour to be ready to go out. He thudded his way down stairs and swung into the lounge and leapt over the back of the sofa. Landing on Frank, whom had gotten dressed and was waiting for the rest of them in the front room, peacefully reading a comic with his feet up.


"Ah, fuck, shit sorry man. I didn't realise you were there. Are you ok? I'm really sorry."

Gerard scrambled off of Frank, rolling onto the floor and hitting it with a thump. Frank sat up and dropped his comic and took several wheezy breaths.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Once i've got my breath back," He managed to say between long intakes of air.

Gerard hastily crawled over to a chair and sat in it, feet up, knees pulled up to his chest. He watched Frank get his breathing under control, wide eyed and looking very worried.

"Frank, again, i'm really sorry. I didn't know you were there. You're so small and quiet i just-" Gerard was blabbering and not thinking about what he was saying until he stopped because Frank was staring at him open-mouthed.

"I am not small!" Frank retorted.

Gerard was slightly taken aback, he wasn't expecting him to be offended about the subconscious remark about his height and just started laughing uncontrollably at Frank's obscurity. Frank sat there, not understanding why Gerard was laughing and replayed what had just happened in his head and realised. Gerard's giggles were high pitched, girly and extremely contagious. Frank started giggling along with Gerard and couldn't stop, laughing harder when Frank accidentally snorted. They were gasping desperately for air and tears were running down their faces by the time Ray and Mikey joined them, whom had been discussing the possibilities of what they could do that day.

Once Frank and Gerard eventually calmed down they headed out to their local Mall. They ended up spending the majority of their time in music shops and game shops. They were sat eating McDonalds in the food court when they were approached by two , slightly hyper, but very tired girls. Whom they had kept awake until 3 AM playing truth or dare. There was a blur of dark red hair and then Hayley latched herself around Frank's neck, constricting his arms in mid bite of his burger. Cassadee was slightly less pounce-while-you-can and waited for Mikey to put down his burger and wipe his greasy fingers before she hugged him, The girls then swapped guys, gave them a hug, Stole a few fries and pulled up two chairs to the table.

"What are you guys up to?" Hayley asked whilst munching on a small bunch of Mikey's fries.

"We're just killing time, we might go see a film in a bit," Mikey was keeping his eyes on the comic he was reading and had given the girls the rest of his meal, which consisted of an almost full box of fries and another burger, which he had ordered and regretted immediately.

"Oooh, what film?" Cassadee asked almost a little too perkily.

"We don't know yet, probably that new superhero one. We can't remember what it's called though," Gerard had answered before Ray could make an inappropriate comment, which he knew was bound to happen at some point.

"Oh, yeah I know which one you mean. I can't remember the name either. It looks really good though," Hayley had stopped eating Mikey's fries and had diverted her attention to her phone, googling the film.

"Do you want to come with? I'm sure that your clothes fund has diminished quite sufficiently already and we don't mind," Frank glanced at the large shopping bags that the girls had set down next to the table, and almost winced in the middle of his sentence at the amount of money they must have spent. He also noticed a bag with several new X-Box games and shook his head in quiet amusement.

The girls exchanged a quick glance and shrugged at each other, Cassadee shrugged again at the general direction of all of the guys, "Yeah, Why not?"

This time Gerard didn't manage to stop Ray, "Great! and if you don't like the film there's always the option of the disabled bathrooms and a quicky!"


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